2020 Mahindra Thar: Ten things that could have been better

Mahindra launched the all-new Thar in the Indian market last year. Built on an all-new platform, the all-new Thar is ages ahead compared to the first-generation model and it is made for a wider group of buyers. Even though the all-new Thar has become a blockbuster for the brand and waiting period is extended to months in many cities across India, there are a few things that Mahindra could have done better with the all-new Thar. We have listed ten of them here. Please add more if you feel like in the comments section.

Remote fuel lid operation

2020 Mahindra Thar: Ten things that could have been better

With all the advancements in the all-new Thar and new technology involved, Mahindra is still offering the old fuel lid operation system. To open the fuel lid of the Thar, the ignition key is required. Which means that you will have to hand over the keys to the fuel pump operator or have to get down of the vehicle and do it on your own. You cannot operate the lid from driver’s seat.


Yes, we all agree that looks are subjective and we all have different views. However, the grille of the all-new Thar is the most talked-about subject when the vehicle launched in the market. The grille of the all-new Thar looks like an afterthought. Yes, there are numerous aftermarket options available now but a better looking grille could have made the all-new Thar look complete from the factory.

No dead pedal

2020 Mahindra Thar: Ten things that could have been better

Mahindra introduced the automatic transmission with the all-new Thar for the first time. Mahindra says that there is a strong demand for the automatic models and almost 50% sales come from them. However, the automatic Thar owners complain that there is no dead pedal and after driving the vehicle on the highway for sometime, your left foot keeps on looking for a comfortable position.

Practical only for two

Mahindra launched the all-new Thar with forward-facing rear seats. However, the boot space with the rear seats in the upward position is almost nil. You just cannot travel with four people’s luggage and four occupants in the all-new Thar if you’re on an overnight journey. It remains practical for two and with the rear seats down, there is ample of space in the car.

No outside temperature guage

The all-new Thar gets the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that takes the weather information from the Internet and displays it clearly. However, there is no temperature gauge in the all-new Thar that shows the real temperature outside. It is important because when driving in the cold areas, the water starts to freeze when the ambient temperature drops to near zero. With the temperature gauge, you can be much more careful while crossing water patches that convert to black ice in low temperatures. Also, it is just good to know how is the weather outside. Thar is a vehicle for explorers and this is a mega miss.

No reverse camera

2020 Mahindra Thar: Ten things that could have been better

Due to the new safety rules, Mahindra offers rear parking sensors as standard in the all-new Thar. However, you do not get a reversing camera. That is quite important in the Thar since it gets a tailgate-mounted spare wheel.

Entry to rear seats

2020 Mahindra Thar: Ten things that could have been better

The rear seat entry in the all-new Thar is through co-driver’s seat. Since it is a two-door vehicle, the co-driver’s seat can be slid ahead to make passage to the rear seats. However, the problem is that the space or the passage is very narrow and you have to be athletic to reach there. It means that older people and individuals with limited mobility cannot access these seats at all or will find to extremely challenging.

Waiting period

Booking a Thar right now will mean that you will get the vehicle in a couple of months at least. Due to the high demand for the all-new Thar, the bookings have skyrocketed and the waiting periods have extended to months in a few cities. Mahindra officially announced that they are working to increase the overall production of the Thar but there are still no visible impact of the same in the waiting periods.

Glove box is puny

The all-new Thar gets a splash-proof cabin but to design that, there are a few awkward placements in the vehicle. For example, the speaker is positioned on the dashboard facing you. Since the left front speaker takes up a good amount of space, there is none left for the glove box. You will still have to struggle to find space in the Thar.

Soft roof on highway clatters

2020 Mahindra Thar: Ten things that could have been better

Mahindra introduced three roof options with the all-new Thar. We drove the soft-top convertible for a good amount of time on the highway and found that the wind makes the roof flapper and create an annoying noise. This happens everytime the Thar crosses 70 km/h mark on the speedometer.