2020 Mahindra Thar launched at Rs 9.8 lakhs

Mahindra has launched the much-awaited second-generation of the Thar. The all-new SUV is priced at Rs 9.8 lakhs, ex-showroom, all-India, making it an extremely well-priced product. The all-new Thar is a massive upgrade over the previous-generation Thar in every way. Mahindra has also announced that customers can now book the all-new Thar officially and the deliveries will start by 1st November. Below are the variants of all-new Thar and respective prices. There are a total of 9 variants of the all-new Mahindra Thar and they are divided into groups – AX and LX.

AX series starts at ₹ 9.80 Lakh  (Ex-showroom Price , All India)
4WD Manual Transmission Ex-Showroom Price,  All India
AX Petrol Std 6-Seater Soft Top ₹ 9.80 Lakh
6-Seater Soft Top ₹ 10.65 Lakh
Diesel 6-Seater Soft Top ₹ 10.85 Lakh
AX OPT Petrol 4-Seater Convertible Top ₹ 11.90 Lakh
Diesel 4-Seater Convertible Top ₹ 12.10 Lakh
4-Seater Hard Top ₹ 12.20 Lakh
LX series starts at ₹ 12.49 Lakh  (Ex-showroom Price , All India)
4WD Manual Transmission Ex-Showroom Price,  All India
LX Petrol 4-Seater Hard Top ₹ 12.49 Lakh
Diesel 4-Seater Convertible Top ₹ 12.85 Lakh
4-Seater Hard Top ₹ 12.95 Lakh
4WD Automatic Transmission Ex-Showroom Price,  All India
LX Petrol 4-Seater Convertible Top ₹ 13.45 Lakh
4-Seater Hard Top ₹ 13.55 Lakh
Diesel 4-Seater Convertible Top ₹ 13.65 Lakh
4-Seater Hard Top ₹ 13.75 Lakh

The AX – Adventure Series is for the Purist Adventurers who seek a capable off-road vehicle with essential features and want the simplicity of the outgoing Thar. The AX series comes with a manual transmission in both petrol & diesel engine. However, for those who seek a little more, we have an AX Optional pack which comes with an option of convertible top & Hardtop option along with a roll cage, front-facing rear seat. The LX – Lifestyle Series is for all the enthusiasts as well as lifestyle seekers who seek the authenticity of a 4×4 but also want all the technology & convenience features of a modern SUV. The LX series comes loaded with features in both petrol & diesel with a choice of an automatic transmission as well.

The LX series comes with creature comfort features. You can get it with convertible or hardtop option and there is an option of only four seats. It also gets dual-tone bumpers, moulded footsteps, R18 alloy wheels, LED DRLs, touchscreen infotainment system, adventure stats & adventure calendar, electronic AC controls, ESP, brake locking differentials. This series is only available with diesel with manual and automatic options and petrol with automatic transmission.

The all-new Thar will come powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 150 Bhp and peak torque of 320 Nm. The 2.2-litre diesel engines will offer a maximum of 130 PS and peak torque of 320 Nm. Both the engine options will be available with a manual as well as an automatic transmission option. Thar is available in a total of six colour options.