2020 Mahindra Thar: Can it deliver a mileage of 20 Kmpl?

Mahindra launched the all new SUV  Thar in the market last year and it quickly became a very popular among buyers and enthusiasts. It is currently the most affordable 4×4 SUV you can buy in India and the demand for the SUV has also gone up tremendously. Thar is already sold out till May 2021 and Mahindra has now increased the production of the Thar to meet the rising demand. Ever since it was launched in the market, we have seen several review and off-road videos of Thar. Here we have a video that shows how fuel efficient can the all-new Mahindra Thar can actually be.

The video has been uploaded by Bunny Punia on his youtube channel. He starts by refueling the all-new Thar at a fuel station. For this mileage run, he is following auto cut method. He is filling the petrol to the point where the fuel is filled and cuts automatically. After filling the tank, he enters the cabin and resets the average fuel economy and trip meter.

He is planning for a 170+ kms run to find out how fuel efficient Thar can actually be. He starts driving the car and soon joins the Yamuna Expressway and started moving toward Greater Noida. The version that he is driving for this experiment is actually the diesel automatic. The 6th gear in the automatic Thar only engages at higher speeds. So he had to increase speed upto 90 so that he can actually use it. After the gear was engaged, he reduced the speed to 80-85 kmph and the engine was revving under 1,500 rpm.

2020 Mahindra Thar: Can it deliver a mileage of 20 Kmpl?

The all-new Thar comes with cruise control which comes in handy during such fuel economy runs. He soon joined the Taj Expressway stretch which is going towards Agra. After covering 30 kms on the trip meter, Mahindra Thar was showing a fuel economy of 21.0 kmpl. This was result of cruising at constant speed of 80 kmph on the expressway.

He continued the drive on Taj Expressway and after covering 72 kilometres on the Expressway, the Thar was showing a displayed economy of 21.2 kmpl. Which is actually a good economy for a car a car of this segment. Soon after this, a toll booth arrived and the fuel economy of the Thar dropped as he had to wait at the booth for some time. After completing 100 kms on the trip, the Thar was showing 20.6 kmpl as displayed fuel economy. The toll booth was the reason why the economy had dropped slightly.

The Thar was then driven towards Noida once again to finish the trip and at around 150 kms, the display was showing a fuel economy of 20.7 kmpl. Towards the end of the trio at 177 kms, the display was showing 20.9 kmpl. Bunny then refilled the tank and the car took 9.26 litres of diesel in it.  Calculating the actual fuel economy is quite easy. The displayed economy on the Thar is not the exact economy and normally has an error and shows more than what it is actually offering. That is why, it is always recommended to go for tankful to tankful method. As per the video, Thar had covered over 177 kms and used 9.26 litres to do so. The actual fuel economy of Thar then is 19.11 kmpl which is actually a great figure for an SUV of this segment.