Owner reviews 2020 Mahindra Thar after driving it for 1500 Kms

Mahindra’s long-awaited 2020 Thar is finally on sale and is already a big hit in the Indian market. The delivery periods for the 2020 Thar is already hitting 6 months. Mahindra has worked extensively to make the new Thar more road-friendly because while it was great off-road, it didn’t really perform well on-road. Due to which only the hardcore off-roaders use to buy it or people bought it as a weekend car.

However, the story with the new Thar is different, it is much more composed and well mannered on the road as it is off the road. So people can actually now use it as their single vehicle and a daily driver. Here we have a buyer who is the first owner of the Thar in Ghaziabad. He bought the Thar for Rs. 16.14 lakhs on-road and he has clocked 1500 km on it. He explains that he runs a business related to building construction. He chose the 2020 Thar because his previous vehicle was a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza which used to get stuck quite often on the construction sites and farms.

He loves the road presence that the new Thar offers and he also likes the response from the engine. The buyer has touched 160 kmph with the Thar and he also points out that the body roll of the Thar is much well contained when compared to the Mahindra Scorpio. He also reports that where the Scorpio starts to float at just 100 kmph whereas the Thar feels pretty stable even when doing speeds much more than 100 kmph. So, the straight-line stability of the new Thar is much better than some of the big SUVs. The buyer also states that there is ample power on tap for overtaking on highways.



He likes the fact that even after being a hardcore off-roader, the Thar is equipped with features like cruise control, Apple CarPlay, decent speakers and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. These are some of the features that he uses the most. The front seats of the SUV are comfortable and the buyer’s father has used the Thar for his commutes too.

The owner uses the Thar mostly in the city and the SUV delivered a fuel efficiency figure of 12.5 kmpl which is a decent figure considering that the diesel engine is quite powerful and has to drive all the four wheels because of the 4×4 system. The buyer states that he has not used the Thar off-road although he is planning a proper off-roading trip in the future.

One of the gripes that the owner has is the lack of front foot space. Because the Thar does not come with a dead pedal, the left knee keeps on hitting the centre console which becomes quite irritating. Also, his Thar comes with accessories worth Rs. 50,000 which he thinks does not really offer any value for money. The dealership forced him to buy the accessories saying that it is mandatory to buy accessories with the first Thar.