2020 Mahindra Thar vs Mahindra Scorpio & Mitsubishi Pajero in a tug of war

Mahindra Thar was one of the most awaited car launched in the country last year. All-new Mahindra Thar quickly became popular among buyers for its looks and off-road abilities. It is currently the most affordable 4×4 SUV one can buy in India. It became so popular that, Mahindra had announced that Thar was already sold out till May 2021. The manufacturer has already increased the production of the SUV to meet the rising demand. Mahindra Thar is a capable SUV and we have seen several off-road videos of Mahindra Thar on internet. Here we have a video that shows Mahindra Thar in a tug of war with Scorpio and Pajero SFX SUV.

The video has been uploaded by Waquar Chaudhary on his youtube channel. The video starts with Mahindra Thar and Scorpio parked inside  a private property. The Scorpio seen here in the video is a 2WD drive SUV. The tug of war is conducted in three rounds. The vlogger finds a piece of rope and ties one to Thar and the other to Scorpio. For this test, 4×4 was engaged on Mahindra Thar. Both Mahindra Thar and Scorpio are powered by a 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine and generate almost the same amount of power and torque.

The tug of war starts and Initially Mahindra Scorpio pulled Thar for few inches and after that, the rear wheel on Scorpio started spinning. After this point, Mahindra Thar started pulling the Scorpio and did it without too much drama. Even though, Scorpio was trying hard, it could not get a grip and kept on spinning. In second and third round, the result remained the same. At a point, the rope that was tied on the Thar even came off. The rope used for this purpose is not a proper towing rope but, is a temporary arrangement. That is why it kept on coming off.

2020 Mahindra Thar vs Mahindra Scorpio & Mitsubishi Pajero in a tug of war

Mahindra Thar won the tug of war with Mahindra Scorpio. Then, they bring in the old Mitsubishi Pajero SFX. In comparison to Mahindra Thar, Pajero is powered by a bigger 2.8 litre turbocharged diesel engine. Mitsubishi Pajero’s engine generates less power and torque but, is heavier than the all-new Mahindra Thar. The vlogger follows the same procedure with Pajero as well. They tie both SUVs and conduct a three round test. The Mitsubishi Pajero tried hard but, its efforts were all in vain. Both SUVs were engaged in 4H and even then Pajero did not stand a chance. Mahindra Thar one the tug of war challenge against both the SUVs.

The reason why Pajero did not win the round was simply because of its lack of power and the age of the vehicle. In comparison to Thar, Pajero is now a very old vehicle and that was very evident on the video. The Pajero was actually struggling to get a hold on the ground even after engaging 4H. Even the weight of the Pajero was not helping it in this challenge. Both Scorpio and Pajero are great SUVs but, it was not enough to win this tug of war against Mahindra Thar.

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