These 2020 Mahindra Thar 4X4s modified by Bimbra look Mean & Muscular

Mahindra launched their all-new SUV Thar in the market last year. It became a huge success among the buyers and the car even has a long waiting period. The Thar became so popular that Mahindra has announced that, they are increasing the production and the car is already sold out till May 2021. We have already started seeing several modified examples of all-new Mahindra Thar in the market. A lot of customisation options and accessories are now available for Thar and here we have two Mahindra Thar SUVs modified from Bimbra 4×4.

The images have been shared by Taran Bimbra on Facebook. Bimbra 4×4 is a car body shop situated in Gurugram, Haryana. They have modified several SUVs in the past and the Thar seen in the video is one of their recent projects. The all-black Thar seen in the image belongs to a customer whereas the one in Mystic copper colour belongs to Bimbra 4×4 only. Several modifications have been done to the SUVs. Starting with the black one, there is an aftermarket front grille installed on the SUV. The new grille is similar to the one found in Wrangler. The front bumper on this SUV is also an aftermarket fitment. Normally, the issue with aftermarket front bumpers is that, they affect the functioning of Airbags but here, these bumpers are made from FRP and they do not affect the working of airbag sensors.

The fog lamps are also integrated inside the bumper like seen in the stock bumper. The stock headlamp has been removed and replaced with an aftermarket unit too. An LED bar has been installed on the bumper and there is also a shackle mount at the front for towing purposes. The front bumper, grille, side cladding have all been received a Line-X coating which gives it a rough and sturdy look.

Moving to the side profile, there are BFGoodrich all-terrain tyres on stock alloy wheels. A 30 mm spacer has been used in the black Thar to enhance the look of the Thar. On the inside, it gets maroon colour leather seat cover with yellow colour inserts at places. There is an armrest for both front and rear passengers. The rear passenger also get cup holders and USB charging ports. Bimbra 4×4 has also installed grab handles from Wild Boar and a dead pedal is also available for the automatic versions. This is a soft top convertible Thar and the work done on it looks neat.

Moving to the Mystic Copper version, the main attraction here is the front grille itself. It gets an aggressive looking Angry Bird type front grille with aftermarket headlamps. LED bar is installed on the front bumper with a yellow film to suit foggy conditions. This Thar also uses the same FRP material for the bumper that does not affect the functioning of Airbag sensors. In this Thar, only the bumper gets Line-X coating.

Moving to the side profile, the BFGoodrich tyres are seen and this one gets a 50mm spacer which makes the tyre slightly pop outside the fender. On the inside, the Thar, only gets little storage space, so Bimbra has installed seat organisers for both row seats and a bass tube has also been placed at the rear. The sets are all black and this Thar also gets armrest, cup holders, grab handles and so on.

A set of CB radio has also been installed inside the car. Overall, both SUVs looks great with these modifications. If anyone wants to modify their SUVs, they can directly get in touch with Bimbra 4×4 by clicking here.