2021 Jawa 42 launched: More powerful than before

Jawa has launched the updated 42 motorcycle in India today. The 2021 Jawa 42 comes with a host of visual changes that make the bike refreshed in the segment. There are mechanical changes as well in the bike but it remains powered by the same 293cc, single-cylinder engine. Jawa has announced that the new 2021 Jawa 42 gets a price tag of Rs 1.83 lakh, ex-showroom. It is more expensive than the outgoing model that came with a price tag of Rs 1.77 lakh, ex-showroom for dual-channel version.

2021 Jawa 42 launched: More powerful than before

The new updated Jawa 42 ditches the extensive use of chrome. Jawa has added a more sober all-black finish to the bike. The fuel tank gets classic stripes that look quite interesting. The bike offers standard bar-end mirrors as standard accessories. Jawa also offers optional accessories like headlamp grille that adds character to the bike. Also, there are saddlebags and smoked out flyscreen that will be available at the dealerships.

Jawa has also added black alloy wheels that go quite well with the overall black theme of the bike. Also, the 42 now offers tubeless tyres that will make the overall riding experience much better. Jawa has added three new colours too. Jawa has updated the switchgear and has updated the instrument cluster that now offers two trip meters.

2021 Jawa 42 launched: More powerful than before

More powerful engine

The new Jawa 42 receives an updated 293cc liquid-cooled and fuel-injected engine. It generates a maximum power of 27.33 Bhp and peak torque of 27.02 Nm. Jawa has updated the engine to use a cross port system, Jawa claims that it increases the volumetric efficiency of the engine and allows better flow of charge and exhaust gases. Jawa has also repositioned the lambda sensor that keeps on monitoring the internal and external variables to increase the efficiency of the bike. The throttle response has also become crisper through improved fuelling. Jawa has also re-tuned the suspension to offer better handling and has increased the ground clearance as well.

Jawa has also improved the seat of the bike and it is now more comfortable according to the company. There is a grey stripe that runs across the length of the bike and makes it look iconic.

2021 Jawa 42 launched: More powerful than before

The brand currently sells the 42, Classic, Forty-Two and the Perak. Interestingly, Jawa website shows the old Forty-Two and the new 42 on sale. It is likely that the manufacturer will continue to sell both the bikes together in the market. With the new 42, the brand now sells four motorcycles in the Indian market. The new bike will take on the likes of Royal Enfield Meteor 350, Honda CB H’ness, and more such bikes in the market.

Jawa has started accepting online bookings for the new 42 but the brand is yet to comment on the deliveries. The deliveries are likely to start in the coming weeks in the Indian market.

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