All-new 2021 Kia Carnival luxury MPV first drive review – What international journalists have to say [Video]

Kia Motors unveiled the all new Carnival MPV in the international market a few months ago. Pictures and videos of the same have already surfaced online. As we recently got the third gen Carnival in India, Kia is unlikely to launch the new version here any time soon. Kia Motors has now revealed all the features that the new Carnival (known as Sedona in specific markets) offers. International journalists got a chance to experience the all-new Kia Carnival and here we have a video that tell us what they think about it.

The video has been uploaded by Asian Petrolhead on his youtube channel. The drive happened in South Korea, which also happens to be the home market of Kia Motors. The video quickly dives into  how the car feels to drive and what all features it offers. The presenter starts by talking about the sheer size of this luxury MPV. It is longer than the previous generation model and even longer than (6.8 inch) Hyundai Palisade SUV. Kia has managed to give it a design that is inspired by some of Kia’s SUV.

The presenter on video owns a 2019 Hyundai Palisade and says that he feels jealous that the all-new 2021 Carnival is offering features that his Palisade doesn’t. In terms of size and look, the Carnival MPV is definitely huge vehicle and he says that it is only evident when you look at the rear seats. When one is sitting on the driver seat, it gives you a commanding view of the road ahead and feels very planted on the road.

All-new 2021 Kia Carnival luxury MPV first drive review – What international journalists have to say [Video]

The cabin feels premium, comes with twin digital screens that Kia loves to call it a panorama screen. One of them is for the instrument cluster and the other is for a touchscreen infotainment screen. The instrument cluster also shows the feed from the blind spot detection camera which is kind of necessary with a vehicle of this size. It also has features like adaptive cruise control with lane keep assist, ventilated seats for font and second row seats, drive modes and so on.

The journalist was pretty impressed with the way Kia Carnival was handling around the corner and said that the car feels connected to the road. The Carnival is available with a 3.5 litre V6 petrol and a 2.2 litre, 202 PS diesel engine. He was driving the diesel version and said that the vibrations and noise levels have come down to a great extent. As this was a very short drive he did not find anything that needs improvement in the car and was pretty impressed with it.