2021 Mahindra Bolero completely modified to look like a Jeep Wrangler [video]

Mahindra Thar is one of the most commonly SUV for Jeep Wrangler conversion projects. We have seen several examples of the same in the past. Just like in any case, there are  exceptions here as well. Here we have a modified SUV that is converted to look like a Jeep Wrangler. It is not based on a Mahindra Thar but, a Mahindra Bolero. Most of the Bolero based modifications that we have seen in the past is based on an older version but, the SUV seen here in the video is actually a 2021 model Mahindra Bolero. What all modifications have been done to the Bolero to make it look like a Wrangler, let’s check the video to find out.

The video has been uploaded by Infoarun vlogs on his YouTube channel. First things first, the SUV does not look like a Bolero at all. The car has been completely transformed and it looks like some of the panels on this car have been custom made. The modification work on this SUV has been done by Green Army Motorsports. The front fascia of the SUV has been completely transformed. It now gets a massive Jeep like front grille with round aftermarket LED headlamps with dual function LED DRLs around it. The SUV gets an angry bird style front grille and there is an off-road bumper installed with integrated LED fog lamps.

The bonnet of this SUV has also been modified. It gets a large scoop on the bonnet which gives it a muscular look. Coming to the side profile, the car gets Jeep Wrangler sticker on the fender. The fender on this SUV has also been customised. The only thing that might remind at least some of you of the Bolero is the boxy design of the cabin. Other than that, there are no similarities with Bolero. The side profile of the car reveals 16 inch aftermarket off-road wheels and 33 inch chunky looking Mud-Terrain tyres. Wrangler like ORVMs and door handles are installed. Side steps are also installed on the car and there are roof mounted marker lights as well. The whole SUV has been finished in matte grey finish.

2021 Mahindra Bolero completely modified to look like a Jeep Wrangler

The rear profile of the car has also been transformed. It gets Wrangler like rear windshield and the spare wheel is mounted on the redesigned tailgate. stock tail lamps have been replaced with Wrangler like LED units. Just like the front, rear bumper has been also been modified. Just like the exterior, interior of this Bolero has been modified as well. The car is now a 5-seater and the third row seats have been removed to create more space for the second row passengers. The seats are wrapped in brown and black leatherette upholstery and the dashboard and the door pads get leather padding at places. An aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system has been installed in the centre console. The roof liner of this SUV has been changed to a Velvet Black looking material. The roof liner also gets Rolls Royce like lights in them. An electric sunroof for rear passenger has been installed as well. The speaker system has been upgraded for better audio experience. The overall cost of this modification is around Rs 10-12 lakh.