Upcoming Mahindra Bolero dual-tone revealed completely in this rendered image

Mahindra’s new announcement to focus primarily on its core strength – the SUVs looks promising. The Bolero sits in the middle of Mahindra’s core portfolio. It is one of the oldest cars still in production and it has been around for years. Mahindra will soon launch the updated 2021 version of the Bolero and a leaked picture reveal the dual-tone colour option a few days ago.

Upcoming Mahindra Bolero dual-tone revealed completely in this rendered image

Here is a rendered image of the upcoming Bolero based on the leaked picture. The image by Shoeb R. Kalania for IAB shows the Bolero dual-tone in the same bright red colour option with a contrasting colour in the front of the vehicle.

So what has changed? Almost nothing. The 2021 Bolero looks exactly the same as the previous model. Mahindra will probably tweak the feature list and of course, the colour option. As we now know that Mahindra will offer the 2021 Bolero with a dual-tone colour option, we may get to see other new colour options too. Currently, Mahindra only offers three colours with the Bolero – white, brown and silver. While Mahindra used to offer more colours with the Bolero in the past, they discontinued the unpopular colours.

Interestingly, Mahindra launched the updated Bolero while introducing the updated BS6 model in 2020. That is why there is no scope for changes in the 2021 Bolero. The MUV remains one of the best-selling in the market from the Mahindra line-up. Especially in the Tier-II and Tier-III cities, the Bolero is popular because of its ruggedness. A few years ago, the Bolero remained the king of the utility vehicle segment and it remained on the top of the sales charts for years. However, that has changed since the arrival of the sub-4m compact SUVs.

No mechanical changes

Mahindra will not do any mechanical changes to the vehicle. It will the same 1.5-litre, three-cylinder mHawk75 turbocharged diesel engine. It produces a maximum power of 75 Bhp and a peak torque of 210 Nm. As per the ARAI test, the Bolero with this engine returns a maximum of 16.7 km/l. The Bolero only gets a five-speed manual transmission.

Mahindra recently a price hike for the Bolero. The maximum price hike of the Bolero is Rs 26,000. The Bolero remained the best-selling utility vehicle in the Indian market for a long time before the arrival of sub-4m compact SUVs. It remains one of the best-selling cars from the brand in the market at the moment.

Upcoming Mahindra vehicles

Mahindra has big plans in the coming years, especially around the SUVs. The homegrown manufacturer revealed its plan for the upcoming XUV700, which will launch next year. The current-generation XUV500 will be discontinued but will come back at a later date to take on the likes of Hyundai Creta. Mahindra will also launch the all-new Scorpio in the Indian market. Also, the manufacturer plans to launch the TUV300 with the Bolero Neo moniker. That’s not all, Mahindra will launch the flagship XUV900, which is a SUV-Coupe in the Indian market in 2024.