Watch the 2021 Mercedes S-Class’ ‘automatic valet parking’ in action [Video]

Autonomous driving technology is something that many car manufacturers around the world are working on. Manufacturers like Volvo, Tesla all some sort semi autonomous driving technology. German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is also working on such technology known as automatic valet parking. The manufacturer is developing this in collaboration with Bosch. As part of routine testing, the manufacturer had conducted a test run at Stuttgart’s main airport. Here is the video that shows how this technology will work in the real world.

The video has been shared by CAR TV on their youtube channel. Mercedes-Benz along with Bosch and APCOA which is a parking company are working together to provide world’s first driverless or automatic valet parking system. Mercedes-Benz S-Class used in the video is the latest generation model which was unveiled recently. The luxury sedan already comes with intelligent Park Pilot system. The upcoming technology will utilise S-Class’s parking feature along with Bosch and APCOA’s technology to park vehicle automatically.

This makes Mercedes-Benz S-Class the first car in the world to be able to park itself without a driver. The system works with the help of number of sensors and camera’s that are placed in the car and also at the parking garage. There is a designated spot for the driver to drop the vehicle for automatic parking. Once he is out of his vehicle, he takes out his smartphone and sends command to the vehicle to park itself.

Once the car receives the command, it starts working with the Bosch cameras and sensor installed inside the parking lot. Once the system detects a vacant parking lot, the car automatically reverses and turns to the direction where it is supposed to be parked. Meanwhile, the driver who had dropped off the vehicle can leave the spot.

The vehicle will slowly crawl towards the direction where the vacant space was spotted. If another vehicle comes in front of the S-Class, it will automatically brake and would start moving once the obstacle is cleared. The car would smoothly go and park itself in the space. The same thing is repeated to bring the car back. The driver will send command from his mobile and the car will receive the message and will meet the driver at the very same spot where he had dropped the car initially.