2021 Tata Safari owner who owns Fortuner & Innova: Matches my Fortuner & better than Innova [Video]

Tata brought back the Safari nameplate this year. The owners of the SUV have been really happy with it. It took a lot of the Safari to hit the used car market. Here, is a video in which a Safari owner explains why his Safari matches his Toyota Fortuner and Innova Crysta. The video is uploaded by Ridiculously Amazing on his YouTube channel.

The owner of the Safari tells that he bought the Safari in March’21. He paid around Rs. 23 lakhs as the on-road price for his XZ+ variant. This is not the Adventure Persona Edition of the Safari. He also owns a Toyota Fortuner and an Innova. The Innova is a 2018 model while the Fortuner is a 2016 model. The combined distance that he has covered in the Innova and Fortuner is around 1.5 lakh kilometres.

The owner has already covered 9,000 km in the Safari. This happened because the owner belongs to a political family and he is from Uttar Pradesh where recently elections were held. Due to this, he has to travel a lot.

2021 Tata Safari owner who owns Fortuner & Innova: Matches my Fortuner & better than Innova [Video]

He has used the Safari in rural areas and roads and he finds the ride quality to be very comfortable. The performance of the Safari is better than the Innova Crysta and is at par with Fortuner. He bought the Safari because his relative has a Harrier and Nexon is also performing well in the Indian market and also has a good safety rating.

He finds the quality of the steel that Tata has used is much better than competitors. He thinks that the Safari’s build quality is even better than the Toyota Innova Crysta. He also likes the fact that the door and boot shut with a good thud. The other thing that he considered is ground clearance. The ground clearance of the Safari is one of the best in the segment. For your reference, the ground clearance of the Safari is 205 mm.

2021 Tata Safari owner who owns Fortuner & Innova: Matches my Fortuner & better than Innova [Video]

He thinks that Safari lacks in terms of features as competitors offer more equipment levels. For instance, it misses out on a wireless charger, a 360-degree parking camera and the infotainment system also lags. The other thing that he says is that the terrain modes that the Safari offers are not much use because it lacks a 4×4 drivetrain. Also, he was not able to tell the differences between different terrain modes. Tata offers three terrain modes, namely Normal, Rough and Wet. Another issue, that he points out is that the left leg of the driver constantly hits the lower dashboard. This is the same issue that was faced by many people with the Harrier and Tata has not yet fixed it.

He feels that the engine has enough power for the Safari and is also quite refined. He also likes the way the SUV looks. It looks aggressive and feels premium. The Safari is delivering 18 kmpl on highways and 13 kmpl in cities which is quite good considering the size of the vehicle. The SUV is also very comfortable for 6 people. Overall, he rates SUV 8 out of 10.