All-new Tata Safari ownership review after 6,000 kms of good, bad & no roads

Tata Motors is one of the leading car manufacturer in India and they have a variety products in their lineup. The manufacturer in the beginning of this year announced that, they will be naming their new 7-seater SUV after the iconic SUV Safari. Within weeks, Tata launched the all-new Safari in the market and deliveries for the same have also started. Several celebrities have also bought the all-new Safari SUV. Here we have a video from a Tata Safari owner, who shares is overall experience with the SUV after driving it for approximately 6,000 kms.

The video has been uploaded by All in One Entertainment on their YouTube channel. The vlogger had recently bought this SUV and was excited to share his experience with the SUV. In this video he mentions the things that he liked and did not like about the SUV. The vlogger starts by giving a small walkaround of all-new Safari. In this he mentions that, it looks a lot like the Harrier from the front but, there are minor changes like tri-arrow chrome inserts on grille which gives it an identity of its own.

It continues to offer the projector headlamps, LED DRLs and halogen foglamps. The vlogger says that many people have suggested him to replaced the stock lights with LEDs but, the vlogger said he was very impressed with the way lights were performing at the moment. He was happy with the overall design of the SUV and also mentions that the rear section has been slightly redesigned in comparison to a Harrier.

All-new Tata Safari ownership review after 6,000 kms of good, bad & no roads

On the inside, the vlogger had covered the seats with a towel to protect it from getting dirty. The light coloured interiors in the Safari as a bit hard to maintain in the long run. The vlogger even mentions that he had installed 7D floor mats and he was very happy with the SUV. One of the problem he faced in the Harrier was that his knee kept of hitting or rubbing against the center console. The same problem is their in the Harrier as well. To resolve this issue, the owner slides the seat to the rear and then sits.

The vlogger also talks about the panoramic sunroof. He says that, if people are living in a warmer area, then they should opt for a variant without sunroof as it lets more light inside the cabin and increases the cabin temperature. He then talks about the engine and drive quality. Vlogger mentions that, he took the SUV on a 4 day road trip to the hills and he had faced no problems with the SUV. The auto hold function came in handy while driving on incline roads.

He mentions that, if one is looking for a hardcore off-road SUV, then they should look for other options but, for regular usage Safari is a good companion. The owner all mentioned that, he will be replacing the HT tyres on Harrier with AT tyres in future. Overall, the owner was quite impressed with the all-new Tata Safari SUV.