All-new 2021 Tata Safari and Harrier: How do they compare?

Tata Motors unveiled recently that they will be coming up with their all-new SUV Safari in the market. The Safari was showcased to public as Gravitas at the Auto Expo in 2020 and since then Tata has been working on it. We got a chance to experience the all-new Safari last week and if you want to know more about the Safari in detail, click here. The all-new  Safari has already started reaching the dealerships and Tata is expected to announce the price, later this month. We all know that the new Safari is actually based on the Harrier and both SUVs have several things in common. Here we have a video that shows what all is different in the new Safari.

The video has been uploaded by Bunny Punia on his youtube channel. The video simply shows all the elements that differentiates the new safari from Harrier. From a distance, both Harrier and Safari have a similar design but, when you come close, you would start noticing all these major and minor differences.

Starting with the grille, Harrier gets a gloss black finish on the front grille whereas the Safari get a chrome finish tri-arrow design on the grille. Coming down, the plastic garnish around the headlamps are now grey or silver coloured in Safari whereas the Harrier gets it all black. The lower bumper grille has a honey comb design in both SUVs but, the radiator grille has silver finish in Harrier and black in Safari.

All-new 2021 Tata Safari and Harrier: How do they compare?

Moving to the side profile, Both Harrier and Safari come with a similar looking alloy wheel but the size is different. Safari gets 18 inch alloy wheels whereas Harrier gets only 17 inch alloys. Harrier get black colour on the wheels whereas the Safari gets it in silver. The other noticeable change is of course the length of the vehicle. Safari is longer and taller than the Harrier as it is a 7-seater SUV now. Harrier also misses out on roof rails and that adds a bit more muscle to the overall look of the SUV.

Moving to the rear, the bumper, tail lamp are redesigned in the new Safari. The windshield in Harrier has a small slope whereas the windshield in Safari is more upright. The design of the reflector lamp is also different on both the SUVs. Moving inside. the main difference is the cabin’s colour theme. Safari gets a black and ash grey colour dashboard whereas the Harrier gets black and brown colour dashboard. The Harrier comes with dark brownish colour leather seats, whereas the Safari gets all white leather seats.

The seating layout is also different in both SUVs. Harrier gets bench seats in the second row, whereas Safari gets option for both bench and captain seats. If a person is going for captain seat version, he or she can smoothly push the co-passenger seat to the front by simply pulling a lever. This generates more space for the rear passenger. Next major difference is the presence of third row seat in Safari. This has definitely affected the boot space in Safari. The Harrier gets a large boot whereas in Safari only a couple of backpacks can be kept with third row seats opened.

Both SUVs are powered by the same engine and produce same amount of power and torque. The NVH level has improved a bit in Safari and the suspension and steering has been slightly modified to handle the added weight in Safari. Both SUVs are available with manual and automatic gearbox option. But, the automatic gearbox feels a lot more refined in the Safari than in Harrier.