2021 Toyota Fortuner modified with adaptive suspension to increase ride comfort

Toyota Fortuner is one of the popular 7-seater SUV on sale in India. It has been in the market for a very long time and has a huge fan base around the world. Just like other Toyota products, Fortuner is known for its reliability and low cost of maintenance. Comfortable ride is not something that is normally associated with Fortuner. It is a proper SUV with off-road capabilities. One of the most common issues that Toyota Fortuner owners face with the SUV is the ride quality. It is not one of the most comfortable SUVs available in the market. Here we have a video where a 2021 Fortuner has been installed with adaptive suspension to improve the ride comfort.

The video has been uploaded by ONE DRIVE on their YouTube channel. The vlogger starts the video by taking it to the workshop for servicing. He mentions that his Fortuner had scratches and wanted to get rid of them. As he visited the showroom, he came across a set up using which he can improve the ride comfort or quality of his Fortuner. It is an adaptive suspension setup from Tein. It is a Tein EDFC Active suspension setup. EDFC stands for Electronic Damping Forc controller.

In order to install this new setup, the old suspension and coils were removed and replaced with thicker coil and suspension from Tein. This suspension is different from the stock unit as it adjusts the stiffness of the suspension depending upon the surface it is being driven on. The new suspension has increased the ground clearance of Fortuner and the same is seen in the video as well.

2021 Toyota Fortuner modified with adaptive suspension to increase ride comfort

The vlogger said that, they drove the car with this new set up for a whole day and they were pretty happy with it. The adjustments are made to the suspension using a controller which is placed inside the cabin. The controller takes readings from a GPS installed on the dashboard of the vehicle. The GPS sends signal about the condition of the road to the controller and it decides on how soft or stiff the suspension should.

The vlogger mentions that, the meter on the controller shows how stiff or soft the suspension actually is. Lower the numbers, stiffer it is and if the numbers on the meter are higher, the suspension is soft. The controller even gives the option to set the suspension manually. The controller can save upto 20 suspension setting in it. The vlogger was pretty happy with the adaptive suspension and he mentions the price as well. It had costed him around Rs 2.25 lakh for the suspension only.

Other than this, the vlogger has made many other cosmetic changes on the car to give it an aggressive look. Toyota launched the 2021 Fortuner in the market earlier this year. It is available with both petrol and diesel engine options. There is a 2.7 litre petrol engine and a 2.8 litre diesel engine. Both petrol and diesel engines are available with manual and AT gearbox options. Only the diesel is available with 4×4 option. Toyota has also launched Legender which is a premium version of the regular Fortuner.