2022 Hero Glamour XTEC in a fuel efficiency test [Video]

Hero Glamour is a commuter motorcycle that is good in terms of sales numbers. It sits above the HF Deluxe and below the Xtreme 160R. Motorcycles from Hero Motocorp are known to be fuel-efficient. Here, we have a fuel efficiency test of the 2022 Hero Glamour XTEC.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Autohunters India. In the video, the host finds the fuel efficiency in real-world conditions. So, he will be driving it in the cities. They will be following the tank full to tank full method.

Once filling up the petrol tank to the brim, they reset the trip meter. Then they started their journey. The host says that the engine of the motorcycle is smooth. It has good low-end and the short gear ratios help it in the bumper to bumper traffic. It gets fuel injection which also enhances the refinement.

2022 Hero Glamour XTEC in a fuel efficiency test [Video]

After travelling for 1 hour and 26 minutes, the host was able to cover 37 km. There is Hero’s i3s technology which shuts down the engine when the rider lets off the clutch of the motorcycle. The engine starts again as soon as the rider engages the clutch again. This helps in saving fuel. The engine is meant mainly for city use because of which it starts showing stress when you push it to its limits.

The host says that the suspension setup is very comfortable and the rider will be comfortable on it. Till now, the host has covered 97.9 km in 3 hours and 48 minutes. After covering 114.5 km, the host comes back to the same petrol pump from where he filled the petrol tank. He fills the petrol once again up to the brim. The Glamour covered 114.51 km in 1.44 litres of petrol. That means a fuel efficiency of 79.52 km per litre.

The engine is a 125 cc engine that produces 10.7 bhp of max power and a peak torque output of 10.6 Nm. It is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The claimed fuel efficiency of the motorcycle is 69 km per litre and it delivered more than the claimed fuel efficiency which is quite impressive.

The motorcycle weighs just 122 kgs so it is easy to manoeuvre and filter through the traffic. The fuel tank capacity is 10 litres which should be enough for a fuel-efficient motorcycle that will be mainly used only in the city. The seat height is 793 mm which should be accessible for mostly everyone.

Braking duties are done by a 240 mm disc in the front and a 130 mm disc at the rear. There is also a lower variant available which comes with a 130 mm drum brake in the front. Hero is using alloy wheels in the front as well as at the rear. They measure 18-inches in size and they are wrapped in tubeless tyres.

Suspension duties are taken care by telescopic units in the front and 5-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers at the rear. Hero offers the Glamour in three colour options. There is Glossy Black, Matte Axis Grey and Candy Blazing Red. There are some features on offer such as a digital instrument cluster, side stand engine cut off, LED headlamp, autosail feature, navigation assist, Bluetooth connectivity and built-in mobile charger.

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