2022 Maruti Baleno in a real world fuel efficiency test [Video]

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the new age Baleno premium hatchback in the market. In comparison to the older version, Maruti has made several changes to the car and one of them is the engine and transmission. The car is powered by a 1.2 litre DualJet petrol engine that comes with 5-speed manual and a 5-speed AMT instead of CVT. A detailed first drive review of the same is available on our YouTube channel. 2022 Maruti Baleno has an ARAI certified fuel economy of 22.35 kmpl for manual and 22.94 kmpl for AMT version. Here we have a video that tests the real world fuel economy of 2022 Maruti Baleno manual version.

The video has been uploaded by DSD Cars on their YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger filling petrol from a petrol pump. In this test, he is following tankful to tankful method. After filling petrol to the brim, he resets the trip meter in the car and then starts driving the car. He drove the car is mixed driving conditions. Initials 6 kms in the Maruti Baleno were inside city limits.

After driving it inside the city traffic condition for some time, the vlogger finally joined the highway. After completing almost 12 kms, Baleno’s MID had started showing that the car is returning 21 kmpl. The vlogger was maintaining a speed of 80-85 kmph on the highway and inside the city limits, the car was being driven slow due to traffic. After driving for some time, the vlogger encountered heavy traffic on highway as well. In the video, the Google maps was showing a traffic jam of almost 25 mins.

The vlogger drove the car in bumper to bumper traffic for a very long time and he mentioned that there were two people in the car when this test was being done. The car was being driven towards Delhi from Haryana and the test would end when he comes back to the same petrol pump and refill. Vlogger can be heard saying in the video that they encountered traffic after the major traffic jam as well.

2022 Maruti Baleno in a real world fuel efficiency test [Video]

Vlogger mentions that they did not get empty roads where they can cruise the new Baleno at a constant speed. There were a lot of vehicles of the road when this video was being shot. After the drive was completed, they returned to the same petrol pump from where the vlogger had filled petrol initially. Just like before, the petrol was filled to the brim to calculate how fuel efficient Baleno actually is.

According to the trip meter in the Baleno, the car had done 89.3 kms after filling petrol and after reaching the petrol pump, it took in 5.69 litres of petrol. The display in the Maruti Baleno was showing a fuel efficiency of 17.5 kmpl but, upon calculation, the real fuel economy of Baleno comes as 15.69 kmpl. The displayed fuel economy in any car is not accurate. It is always slightly more that the actual fuel economy. 15.69 kmpl is actually not a bad figure for a premium hatchback specially when you consider the driving condition in which the car was being driven. We are pretty confident that the Maruti Baleno would return good fuel efficiency if it gets good roads or highways with less traffic on it.