2022 Tata Winger-based caravan is called a Mini-Lounger on wheels [Video]

Caravans and camper vans are becoming popular in India. Post first and second wave of pandemic and the lockdowns, many people have come forward to explore outdoors in such vehicles. Some of them made minor modifications to their vehicle while some completely updated the vehicle to meet their requirements during a road trip. There are several workshops that make such customisations and we have featured some of them online. Here we have a Tata Winger that has been customised into a lounge on wheels and is called “Mini Lounger” on wheels.

The video has been uploaded by Motorhome Adventures on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger takes us through all the customisations that have been done to the car has been in the video. Starting with the exterior, there are custom made fender flares which give the Tata Winger a much more muscular look. The height of the roof has been slightly increased and there is an public announcement system and market lights installed on the extended portion. Other changes to the exterior include a aftermarket alloy wheels and customised windows.

The driver cabin in the Tata Winger facilities like intercom, art leather seats, AC vents and so on. The front co-passenger seat can accommodate 2 passengers other than the driver. As we move into the cabin, there are two sofa sets placed on the floor. Due the revised roof height, a person can actually stand properly inside the cabin. The cabin looks entirely different from the stock Tata Winger. It looks like a luxury lounge.

2022 Tata Winger-based caravan is called a Mini-Lounger on wheels [Video]

The owner of this Winger wanted to use it for parties and political rallies. For the same reason he did not opt for a kitchen setup in the van. There is a generator placed at the boot and this can be accessed from the cabin and can also be taken out from the boot. Right next to the area where sofa is placed is the washroom set up. Other amenities like microwave oven, refrigerator, water tank, jump seats, LED TV, high-end speaker system, ambient lights, roof mounted AC unit, a sunroof are all included in the van. The sofa can be easily converted into a bed by just taking out a piece that is neatly tucked under the seat.

Remember we mentioned that the owner of this Tata Winger also wanted to use it for political rallies. under the sofa that comes right under the sunroof is a hydraulic lift that raises the platform. The filler tank for the hydraulics is placed next to the co-passenger seat. The lift can handle up to 500 kilograms and the occupant or a political candidate can easily address the people outside by standing on the platform and by also using the Public Announcement system. The Winger also gets CCTV cameras installed on both front and rear and also on both sides. A camera is also placed in the cabin. The vlogger mentions that the van seen here in the video has been customised as per customer request and Motorhome Adventures can also add a cooking counter set up to the car if needed.


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