2023 all-new Hyundai Verna: New teaser reveals interior details

The South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor India has once again released some fresh new info on their forthcoming mid-size sedan the 2023 Verna. The company in its newest teaser has now shown some of the key interior details of its upcoming sedan. The teaser shows us that the 2023 Verna will come equipped with two digital screens and will also boast multiple driving modes. Additionally, it also revealed that the car will indeed come powered by the all-new 1.5 L petrol motor that was recently released with the Alcazar.

From the teaser released by the company, we can note that the all-new 2023 Verna will get two screens next to each other on an all-new dashboard layout. The screen on the left will be the bigger infotainment screen and the one on the right will be the digital instrument cluster screen.

We can notice that the sedan will get a unique design for the steering wheel which of course will be a multifunction steering wheel with multiple buttons to control various functions of the infotainment and instrument cluster screen.

2023 all-new Hyundai Verna: New teaser reveals interior details

Eagle-eyed viewers would have also noticed that the infotainment screen of the forthcoming Verna showed three driving modes – Eco, Normal and Sport. This will help the Verna to become in line with the current competition. As for the competition Hyundai plans to crush its competition with another one of the details revealed by the newest teaser. The company has finally revealed that it will be offering the new Verna with the newly launched more powerful 1.5 L turbo petrol engine.

This new engine was recently launched with the 2023 Alcazar and in the seven seater SUV its produces a maximum power of 160 PS at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 253 Nm at 1500–3 500 rpm. Most likely it will be available with either a 7DCT or 6MT gearbox option. Another speculated option for the 2023 Verna’s drivetrain is a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine from the outgoing Creta, which generates 250Nm of torque at 2700 rpm and 115PS of power at 4000 rpm.

In the last teaser released by the company we noted that the new Verna will have the highest width in its segment and will also have the largest wheelbase as well. Apart from this the company also revealed its other dimensions as well. According to the last teaser the all-new 2023 Verna will measure 4,535 mm in length, 1,765 in width mm and 1,475 mm in height. Furthermore, the company revealed that it will boast the largest wheelbase in its entire segment which will measure 2 670 mm.

The company also revealed that the saloon will have more shoulder space for both front and back-seat occupants. It will also have a roomy boot with a 528 L storage capacity, which will be the most in its class. The new Verna also has a bigger trunk opening, a phone holder, several bottle holders, a multi-purpose console, and a cooled glove box, stated Hyundai. Another major highlight of the Verna which the company is yet to announce is that the sedan could receive the all-important ADAS collision avoidance systems which it will most likely borrow from the flagship SUV of its brand the Tucson.

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