2023 Baleno-based Maruti Fronx: An inside-out look of the crossover from a NEXA showroom [Video]

Finally, after a long wait, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, the country’s largest carmaker, has begun sending its newest crossover SUV, the Fronx, to its Nexa dealerships across the country. Recently, a video featuring a complete walkaround and a detailed description of this new vehicle was shared on YouTube. In the video, the presenter shows the all-new Fronx from all angles in detail and shares a plethora of important information about the upcoming crossover.

The video of the Fronx walkaround was shared by HR MOTOWORLD on their channel. The presenter starts the video by mentioning that the model in front of him is the top-of-the-line Alpha variant. He adds that including this variant, there will be four other variants: Sigma, Delta, Delta+, and Zeta. He then talks about the pricing of the Fronx and mentions that, as of now, the company has not announced the price of the Fronx variants. However, according to him, as the car slots in between the Baleno and the flagship SUV Grand Vitara, it will start from somewhere around Rs 8-9 lakhs.

The presenter starts talking about the design of the new Fronx. He starts off at the front of the car and mentions that Maruti Suzuki has done an excellent job in designing the Fronx. The crossover looks extremely beautiful in real life and the quality is amazing. He states that the front looks like a baby Grand Vitara and the elements, such as the LED DRLs on top, all-LED headlights, and chrome element in the center, look upscale and attractive.

2023 Baleno-based Maruti Fronx: An inside-out look of the crossover from a NEXA showroom [Video]

He then moves on to the side of the car and states that the coupe design on the roofline in the rear looks very stylish. He mentions that the side profile of the crossover SUV is very sporty. Following this, he shows the all-new diamond-cut alloy wheel design from Maruti Suzuki, specific for this model. He mentions that the tire size remains the same across all the variants of the car and the model will come with disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear

Following this, the presenter then shows the rear of the car and states that the rear three-quarter angle of the car looks the most beautiful. He mentions that, being the top-of-the-line Alpha variant, the rear of this particular car comes decked out with all-LED connected taillamps and looks amazing. He also shows the sporty rear bumper with the silver skid plate and summarizes that the overall design of the car is very impressive.

He then opens the rear door of the car and the first thing he mentions is that it offers a very premium look. He adds that, despite the car lacking leatherette seat upholstery on the top-spec variant, the design of the interior looks amazing, and the colors play well. There is a decent amount of legroom in the car in the rear, and the comfort is also optimum, said the presenter. He then shows the front seats and dashboard of the car and mentions that the premium feel continues in the front. He also shows all the important amenities of the car as well.