2023 Honda CR-V revealed: Renderings out

The Japanese automotive manufacturer Honda has had a few successful cars in its portfolio but its top of the line SUV – the CR-V never got appreciated that much. Although for the newest iteration of the SUV, Honda is aiming to change that. Recently the company released a few teaser pictures of its forthcoming CR-V and by the looks of it, we can already tell that this time it is going to be a hot commodity. The preview pictures released by Honda show a sleek new design for the model and on the rear of the car, a hybrid emblem can also be seen.

2023 Honda CR-V revealed: Renderings out

Honda in its official statement for the next generation of CR-V said, “Rugged and sophisticated design. Increased versatility. A more advanced hybrid system for a sportier driving experience and more capability. The next generation of Honda’s most popular SUV is on the way. More information on the all-new 2023 CR-V will drop this summer as Honda continues its “Year of the SUV.” #HondaCRV”

From the pictures of the 2023 model, we can observe that the styling on both ends of the upcoming SUV appears to be a lot sharper than its predecessor. It comes with a lot more black highlights than chrome. The LED headlamps are also sleeker than the previous model, akin to the Prologue electric crossover that was previously teased by Honda. The mesh grille features large slots in the front, and black accents with vents can be seen in the bottom corners. This time, Honda has also attached the side mirrors to the door panels.

Meanwhile, Honda has kept the CR-V’s high mounted taillight design, albeit the L-shaped lights now have a new pattern. Moving a little further down, the lower section of the bumper features a silver accent which may look like it’s an opening for the exhaust but in reality, it’s not.

Honda has refrained from sharing any insights into the interior of the 2023 CR-V, but we can expect all the bells and whistles of a flagship SUV to be present in the upcoming model. The same goes for the powertrain of the model. Although with that hybrid badge in the rear we know that it will feature an electric-assisted drivetrain. Honda previously also announced that the new CR-V will come with a non-hybrid variant as well.

In other Honda SUV news, earlier in April rumours around the internet suggested that Honda will be launching a mid-size SUV in India. The Japanese automaker also confirmed this news and speculations are that this new utility vehicle could come equipped with a similar hybrid system that made its debut on the new Honda City e:HEV. Currently, the system in the City uses two electric motors, a battery, and a 1.5-litre petrol engine. The hybrid system produces around 126PS and 253Nm of torque in the City which is comparable to a turbocharged petrol engine but far more efficient. Honda in terms of pricing could be offering the new SUV at a competitive price and it could cost somewhere in the vicinity of Rs 11 lakh-Rs 18 lakh.