2023 Hyundai Creta Knight S+ complete walkaround – Now BS6 RDE compliant [Video]

Earlier this month it was announced by Hyundai Motor India that the 2023 model year Creta will be updated with a host of safety features and its engine will be upgraded as per the new emission norms. Well, the company has now started dispatching the all-new 2023 Creta models and recently a video showing all the new changes has been shared online. In the video, the presenter gives a complete walkaround of the Creta S+ Knight variant and tells about all the new details about the mid-size SUVs 2023 MY model.

The video of the new 2023 Creta has been shared on YouTube by Power Racer on their channel. The presenter starts the video at the rear of the car and introduces the SUV. He started telling about the upgrades that Hyundai has given the new Creta. He states that the Creta now from the base variant itself comes standard with six airbags and rear disc brakes. He further shows the fuel filler of the SUV and informs that the diesel Creta now comes with DEF filler which gets a blue cap. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF; also known as AUS 32 and marketed as AdBlue) is a liquid used to reduce the amount of air pollution created by a diesel engine. He mentions that this fluid will be refilled by the company technicians during routine service.

He further explains that prior to this update the company used the Lean NOx Trap to reduce emissions but following the new BS6 emission norms implementation it now comes equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system. He then starts to show the exterior design upgrades of the new 2023 Creta. He starts with rear of the car and shows the Knight badging of the S+ variants in front of him. He then moves to front and tells that this variant comes with the smart panoramic sunroof. He also showcases the front and adds that the front grille is painted in high gloss black and gets some red accents. The Hyundai logo has also been finished in dark chrome adds the presenter.

2023 Hyundai Creta Knight S+ complete walkaround – Now BS6 RDE compliant [Video]

He then moves on to the side profile of the SUV and shows the familiar silhouette of the segment champion. He shows the new and updated alloy wheels of the Creta and tells that the calipers now come painted in a sporty red color. He also adds that the rear wheels now also get disc brake calipers that also come painted in red color. He then also shows other small features of the SUV before moving on the interior of the car.

On the inside, the presenter showcases the new fabric seats that come available with red piping all-around. He then also shows the various red accents around the entire interior of the Knight Edition Creta. Furthermore, he also tells that the car now comes with a ton of added safety tech that have been added by the company to 2023 Creta to improve the cars overall safety.

As for the pricing the presenter reveals that the petrol variants of the new 2023 Creta have become more expensive by Rs 20,000 but the diesel models have seen an even bigger bump in the prices with Rs 45,000 premium. The presenter adds that the diesel price jump is justified because the systems had to be completely upgraded to make the car emissions compliant as per the BS6 norms.

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