2023 Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS: More than just a facelift? [Video]

While the popularity of SUVs in all sizes and shapes is increasing incessantly, the hatchbacks remains the absolute favourite of the Indian market. Hyundai’s best-seller – the Grand i10 NIOS has received a facelift but as always Hyundai’s facelifts are much more than a mere cut and tuck job. What is the new Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS facelift? We find in the first drive review.

Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS facelift: Looks fresh

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS: More than just a facelift? [Video]

In the past we have seen substantial updates in the facelifts of Hyundai cars. The Grand i10 NIOS is no different. It gets a new grille with gloss black finish and it is bigger in size too. The headlamps remain the same but there are tweaks done to the bumper. We also noticed Hyundai has started using brushed aluminium finish on the logos and badges and it adds a premium touch to the overall look and finish of the Grand i10 NIOS.

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS: More than just a facelift? [Video]

The side profile remains identical but get the new 15-inch alloy wheels. We love the dual-tone finish of the alloy wheels. But the rear gets many more changes. The tail lamps now get a tri-arrow design that mimics the LED DRLs. There is also a reflective bar that connects both the tail lamps. We really love the way the new Grand i10 NIOS looks and how Hyundai has managed to make it look sportier with the facelift.

What new in the cabin?

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS: More than just a facelift? [Video]

While the cabin has not changed in size and does not look much different from the previous version, it now gets a premium grey theme as an option. We loved the quality of the seats and the upholstery and specially the quality of the stitches on the seats. You can choose from three cabin colours depending on the trim. We got the grey one for our review and it definitely gave us the feel of of an airy cabin.

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS: More than just a facelift? [Video]

In the middle of the dashboard, you get the familiar 8.0-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. There is no BlueLink available with the Grand i10 NIOS but Hyundai is likely to add the feature in the future. But there is no dearth of features in the car. You now get a wireless charging pad and new ambient lighting in the footwell area, which is really useful, especially at night. The 8.0-inch display is also crisp and bright and we were impressed by the quality of the reverse parking camera.

The long list of features also include automatic climate control system and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, which definitely adds a premium feel. Also, keeping up with the times, Hyundai has now added the USB C-Type charging sockets, which means that you will not need to carry an extra convertor to charge your phone on the go.

The rear seats are quite spacious as before and there is ample of knee room and legroom. The transmission tunnel’s low height means that a third passenger can be in a comfortable position. Hyundai has also added rear AC vents and it is the only car in the segment to offer the same. It sure is a must in the hot and humid Indian summers, especially if the rear seats are going to be occupied. There is no armrest in the rear though.

Stronger safety net

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS: More than just a facelift? [Video]

Hyundai has now made four airbags standard across the trims in the 2023 Grand i10 NIOS. Customers who want six airbags can choose the optional extras. Also, the car comes with ISOFIX child seat anchorages. Hyundai also offers Hills Assist Control (HAC) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

The new Grand i10 NIOS also offers Driver Rear View Monitor, which shows the rear view of the vehicle on the infotainment system. It reduces the blind spots significantly. Another safety feature in the car is the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), which is highly useful, especially while going on weekend highway trips.

How is it to drive?

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS: More than just a facelift? [Video]

The engine of the new Grand i10 NIOS is the biggest highlight as it now RDE or Real Driving Emission compliant. It is an updated BS6 norm that will be applicable to all the vehicles in the coming months. Hyundai has updated the 1.2-litre naturally-aspirated engine to meet the new standard before anyone else in the segment could do it.

Hyundai now offers only a single engine with the new Grand i10 NIOS. The 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine generates a maximum power of 82 Bhp and peak torque of 114 Nm. It is also available with the CNG option. We drove the manual transmission with the petrol engine.

The new RDE compliant engine has definitely become smoother than before and there is a noticeable difference when the vehicle was idling. At times, we did not even get to know that the engine was on (watch the video to know more). The Grand i10 NIOS also gets some good handling characteristics. The seats with bolsters keep you secured while you can take corners at a good speed. The naturally-aspirated engine does not shy away from revving freely and we loved the performance of the engine in the heavy traffic. The clutch has a nice bite to it but we have driven petrol cars with a lighter clutch. The transmission also feels top notch and it slots really well without any misses.

With the climate control turned on and the temperature set at 20 degrees, the Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS initially showed a fuel efficiency of more than 19 km/l, which we feel is phenomenal. However, since we were shooting the vehicle with the engine turned on all the time, the efficiency on the display dropped down but it still remained more than 15 km/l, which we feel is a respectable figure in the NCR’s traffic situation.

Should you buy one?

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS: More than just a facelift? [Video]

The Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS has always remained one of the best choices of the customers and the new model is thoroughly updated to look fresh in the market for a long time to come. The Grand i10 NIOS offers a long list of safety features and convenience features and we really loved the way it drove through the city traffic. Want to know more? Do check out out video and comment what you think about the new Grand i10 NIOS.

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