2023 Tata Safari Dark Edition with ADAS: First drive on expressway [Video]

Tata Motors recently took the covers off of the newest Dark Editions of its highly popular SUVs the Nexon, Harrier, and Safari. The flagship SUV duo of Harrier and Safari now also comes equipped with the much-awaited ADAS features as well. So if you are one of those people who are wondering how these features will work on our Indian road conditions then here’s a video for you. Recently a YouTuber test-drove the 2023 Dark Edition Safari on an expressway to show the coveted ADAS features will function in real-world situations.

The video of the 2023 Tata Safari Dark Edition with ADAS was uploaded on YouTube by Anubhav Chauhan. The video starts with a little glimpse of how the ADAS features work on Indian roads and following this the video then officially starts with the vlogger first getting seated in the vehicle. He then immediately says that the sound system of the new Safari is amazing and then he states that the car now also gets memory function seats as well. He further states that the car gets features such as the Hill Hold Assist with an Electronic Parking brake which the Scorpio-N does not get. Following this, he starts the drive.

The first thing after starting the drive the presenter then tells that if you own the vehicle and want to know from where the ADAS systems are activated, he tells that open the quick controls on the menu and you can see the driver assistance and there are all the ADAS features. Following this he embarks his test ride and he starts off by saying that mechanically there is no change in the car and drivability remains the same. There is only the addition of these safety features. He then states that the car drives very smoothly and the automatic transmission is very good. He then tries to activate the ADAS features by intentionally driving towards a tempo on the road but no warning comes on. He then shows the blind spot monitoring system showing its alert on both the rear view mirrors.

He then uses the indicator on the car following which the camera of the left side shows the footage on the main screen. The SUV now comes with 360 degree reverse camera mentions the vlogger in the video. The vlogger then states that the car is very fun to drive as it comes with 168 bhp and 350 Nm of torque. He then mentions one important thing that Tata has not given the Safari the Level 2 ADAS as seen in the Hector or other cars in India. Instead it has given the car something in between because the car does not perform emergency braking and other things instead just gives warnings.

2023 Tata Safari Dark Edition with ADAS: First drive on expressway [Video]

He then takes the car to the expressway to see if all the ADAS features function or not. The first feature he notices again is the blind spot monitoring. He then activates the cruise control system and increases the speed of cruise control in traffic to check if any safety system kicks in and following this he notices that the car does not reduce the speed by itself like XUV700 or the Hector. But after a while he then lets the car get a lot closer with vehicles in front and it then performs the emergency braking. The vlogger then also checks out other ADAS features and finally gives the car the review that the ADAS features are not that useful in the Safari because they only show warnings and do not help that much with the safety aspect.


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