2023 Toyota Fortuner GR Sport in sporty red looks hot! [Video]

The Indo-Japanese carmaker, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, launched the most expensive variant of the Fortuner, called the GR Sport, back in May 2022. However, for some reason, the variant has not gained as much popularity as the Legender variant. Recently, a video of the Toyota Fortuner GR-Sport, finished in a sportier shade of red with high gloss black accents, has been shared on YouTube. The presenter shows this fierce red behemoth from the outside and the inside.

The video of the red Fortuner GR Sport has been shared on YouTube by Rajni Chaudhary on their YouTube channel. At the beginning of the video, the presenter mentions that the car in front of the frame is the Toyota Fortuner GR Sport, which we have already seen in India in the two available colors of Attitude Black and White Pearl Crystal Shine. However, the company did not launch this red color option in India. The video then shows some amazing beauty shots of the car.

Following the B-roll, the presenter starts with the front fascia of the car. She mentions that the car gets a massive Toyota moniker in the front, and it also gets high gloss painted elements on top of the all-LED headlamps. She mentions that the headlamps are the same as the ones that we have already seen in the Legender variant of the Fortuner. Following this, she shows the differently styled fog lamp inserts and parking sensors placed on the housing. She also points out the GR badging on the front. The GR stands for “Gazoo Racing,” which is the motorsport division of the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. The SUV also gets turn indicators at the bottom of the bumper. The presenter also mentions that this variant, in the international market, gets an adaptive cruise control system along with other ADAS features.

2023 Toyota Fortuner GR Sport in sporty red looks hot! [Video]

Moving on, she then shows the side profile of the car and its distinctively finished alloy wheels. The wheels on this particular Fortuner GR-Sport were finished in a shade of gunmetal grey, along with gloss black accents. The presenter also points out that the brake calipers were also finished in red with GR-Sport insignia painted on them. Following this, she shows the overall side profile and mentions that all the black elements on the car are high gloss black, and there are no matte or satin black elements in the car. She then takes a seat inside the car and mentions that this car gets radar, and because of this, it is able to get ADAS.

Following this, she adds that, along with ADAS, this car also gets adaptive cruise control, lane assist, and emergency braking. She then mentions that the overall cabin is the same as the one available in India. The presenter highlights one difference, and that is the infotainment system of this car. She states that its layout is a bit different from the GR-Sport Fortuner in India. Moving on, she shows the air conditioning controls, 4×4 controls, and other features of the car. She also shows the upholstery of the car and states that the seats are finished in leather on the sides, and the middle portion gets suede inserts, as well as the entire car getting red stitching all over. Following the interior, she shows the rear of the car, which is also pretty much the same as the ones available in India.