2023 Toyota Innova Crysta G and GX: Most affordable diesel variants in a walkaround video

The Toyota Innova Crysta is easily one of the most important iterations in the history of the Innova model. The Crysta solidified its name as the first choice of transportation for people of power and families seeking the utmost comfort. But with the launch of the new Innova Hycross, it was believed that the company will completely discontinue the model. However, the company took note of the model’s popularity and brought it back with the updated BS6 Phase 2 compliant engine and an all-new front fascia. Recently a walkaround video of the base variants – G and GX were shared on YouTube.

The video of the 2023 Innova Crysta’s G and GX variants have been shared on YouTube by Team AutoTrend on their channel. The video starts with the presenter introducing the models where he iterates the information mentioned above. Following this he starts off with the base G variant at the front. He states that the newest G variant also gets the updated front fascia. He mentions that Toyota has tried to give the Innova Crysta a more SUVish sort of look and looks more like a Hilux. The presenter then further explains that the base variant of the model does not get any chrome embellishments on the front.

He states that it gets simple blacked out front fascia elements. Meanwhile the GX variant looks slightly better and gets an aluminium finish around the front grille. Both MPVs don’t get LED headlights and fog lights. He then moves on to the side of the G variant and shows that the base variant does not get a set of alloy wheels. Instead it gets 16 inch steel wheels with an all-new design of full face wheel cover. The side door tapings are also absent in the G variant but it manages to get body colored door handles.

On the safety front he mentions that the G variant gets disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear and it also gets ESP, Traction control and Hill Hold assist as standard. The car also gets ABS and EBD as standard safety equipment. Moving on the rear not much has changed in the 2023 updated model and it now only gets a black finish behind the Toyota Insignia in between the two taillamps. He then shows the GX variant from side and the only difference is the 16-inch alloy wheels that the second to base variant gets.

2023 Toyota Innova Crysta G and GX: Most affordable diesel variants in a walkaround video

Following this he opens the door to reveal the interior of the G variant and shows that the interior has not been changed a lot from the previous model and gets the same basic amenities. The G variant gets the normal manual air conditioning system with black upholstery all-around. It lacks a screen in the middle. The GX variants interior also pretty much the same except that fact that it does get an infotainment screen. The seating capacities of both the models is 7 and all the seven passengers get three point seatbelts.

In terms of powertrains, both models come powered by the same 2.4 L turbo diesel engines that generate 150 PS of power and 343 Nm of Torque. All the variants of the new 2023 Crysta now come equipped with only a 5 speed manual transmission and there is no option for an automatic transmission. The G variant is expected to be priced at Rs 22 lakh and GX variant at Rs 25 lakh.

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