2023 Toyota Innova Hycross updated GX variant: In-depth walkaround [Video]

2023 Toyota Innova GX variant

The Toyota Innova is one of those names that has embedded deep into the Indian automotive market. The company recently launched the newest iteration of this MPV – the Innova Hycross, which is a hybrid model that comes with only a CVT gearbox. And just like other Innova models, it is also selling extremely well. Now, in order to bank on this growing demand, the company recently launched a new updated model of its popular variant, GX. And just a few days ago, a video walkaround of this new variant has now been shared online.

2023 Toyota Innova Hycross GX

This video of the new updated Toyota Innova Hycross GX variant has come courtesy of The Car Show on their channel. It starts off with the presenter giving a brief introduction to this new variant. After which he mentions that currently the Innova Hycross starts at Rs 18.82 lakh and goes all the way up to Rs 30.26 lakh. He then explains that the Innova Hycross is offered by the company in 6 variants which are – non-hybrid G and GX and hybrid variants VX, VX (O), ZX and ZX (O).

Exterior Upgrades: Front

2023 Toyota Innova Hycross updated GX variant: In-depth walkaround [Video]

The presenter, after the introduction, adds that the car in front is the new updated 2023 GX variant. This variant gets updates on the outside as well as on the inside and has been priced at Rs 19.67 lakh. Following the introduction, he then shows the updated front end of the SUV which has been given additional chrome on the front grille. It has also been given a brand new silver skid plate on the lower front bumper as well. The model also gets LED headlights. Also Read: Toyota Innova Crysta after 2.5 lakh Kms: What it drives like [Video]

Side and Rear

2023 Toyota Innova Hycross updated GX variant: In-depth walkaround [Video]

Following the front, the presenter then moves to the side profile of the car and adds that not much has been changed. It gets the same body-colored fender flares and door handles with sensors for remote keyless entry. Apart from this, he mentions that the GX variant does not have any option for the sunroof. He then moves to the rear of the car, and the main update on the rear is the addition of the new silver skid plate. He mentions that this is specific to this model, and even the top-spec ZX (O) variant also does not come equipped with it.


2023 Toyota Innova Hycross updated GX variant: In-depth walkaround [Video]

Following the exterior, he opens the engine bay of the vehicle and shows the powerplant of the Innova Hycross. He mentions that it gets a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that makes a total of 173 PS of power and 209 Nm of torque. Apart from this, he adds that it comes only with a CVT automatic transmission and does not get a manual transmission option. Lastly, he adds that the company claims a mileage of 16 kmpl; however, real-life mileage is around 10-11 kmpl.

Interior Upgrades2023 Toyota Innova Hycross updated GX variant: In-depth walkaround [Video]

Finally, he moves to the interior of the car, which has been given the biggest upgrade. He starts at the door of the vehicle and adds that it has been given a black and brown dual-tone finish. The car gets black hard plastics and brown leather on the door pad in addition to new silver inserts and chrome door handles. The window control surrounds have also been given a wooden finish to make it look more premium.

2023 Toyota Innova Hycross updated GX variant: In-depth walkaround [Video]

The dashboard also gets the same brown leather treatment, says the presenter. He then shows the seats of the new GX variant and mentions that it gets brown and black fabric upholstery seats with better materials and cushioning. The overall layout of the interior is the same as before, and it gets a ton of features.