Old Vs New 2024 Maruti Swift: How Are They Different? (Video)

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The Maruti Suzuki Swift fourth generation is about to be officially unveiled in India on May 9. However, as we all know, the newest iteration of the hatchback has already gone on sale internationally. Recently, showing all of the differences between the new and the old model, a video has been shared online. The presenter highlights all of the key updates of the new car next to the third-generation model.

Old vs. new Maruti Suzuki Swift

This detailed video comparison of the old and new Swift has come courtesy of Auto Social UK from YouTube. The host starts the video by mentioning that for this comparison, they have brought both base variants. She states that in the UK, the Swift is only offered in two variants.

Front end

The base variant is called Motion, and the top-spec variant is called Ultra. Following this brief introduction, she starts at the front of the cars. The host highlights that the old model comes with a big grille with a matte black finish. Meanwhile, the new car gets a honeycomb pattern grille with a high-gloss black finish.

Old Vs New 2024 Maruti Swift: How Are They Different? (Video)

Apart from this, she stated that the Suzuki logo on the old car was in the grille. But on the new car, it is above the grille. Next up, she highlights that the old model comes equipped with a more rounded bonnet.

However, the one on the new car is more pronounced and gives birth to a continuous body line that runs across the entire car. Following this, she then compares the headlights, which are sleeker on the new car with L-shaped LED DRLs.

Side profile

Next up, she shows the side profile of the two cars. She states that both the base spec trims come with 16-inch alloy wheels. The host adds that both the Motion and Ultra variants get the same design of the 16-inch alloys.

However, the one on the top-spec variant comes with a diamond-cut finish. She adds that the old Swift’s rear door handles were placed in the C-pillar. But the new car gets them like traditional cars.

Rear end

Lastly, the host moves to the rear of the car and shares her opinion on the design. She states that overall the design and layout have been retained. However, the car now gets clear LED taillights with smart-looking internals. She then adds that it also gets a slightly bigger rear spoiler as well.

Interior comparison

Old Vs New 2024 Maruti Swift: How Are They Different? (Video)

The presenter first takes the seat inside the old Swift. She mentions that it features an all-black interior with hard plastics all around. It gets an integrated touchscreen, manual air conditioning system, manually operated rear windows, and basic layout.

Following this, she moves inside the interior of the new Swift. Immediately, she states that in the beginning, she did not like the new Swift’s interior. However, it has now become better after spending time in the old car. She states that it looks a lot better and feels more airy.

She attributes this feeling to the dual-tone white and black color of the Swift. Apart from this, she adds the car now gets a much better 9-inch infotainment screen, automatic climate control, and ventilated front seats. The presenter also adds that the seats, although the same, are also finished in a slightly lighter color which looks smarter.

Old Vs New 2024 Maruti Swift: How Are They Different? (Video)

Old vs. New Swift: Engine

Finally, the presenter compares the engines of the two cars. She highlights that the old car came with a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated 4-cylinder petrol engine with 83 bhp. Meanwhile, the new car comes with a new 1.2-litre naturally aspirated 3-cylinder Z-Series petrol engine. This engine also generates the same amount of power, she adds.

Both of these cars come with a 12V mild hybrid system which helps them in city driving. She adds that it also helps in improving fuel efficiency. Both cars also come with 5-speed manual transmission and CVT gearbox options. She concludes by stating that the new car feels a lot better to drive.