All New 2024 Maruti Swift: Real World Mileage Test [Video]

new maruti swift real world mileage tested

Maruti Suzuki has always been popular for making the most fuel-efficient cars. So the new 2024 Swift is no different. It has been given a brand new Z-Series engine, which is more fuel-efficient than the old car. Recently testing if the new Maruti Suzuki offers its claimed 25 kmpl mileage, a video has been shared online. The vlogger in the video drives it for 75 km and calculates the real-life mileage of the new Swift.

2024 Maruti Suzuki Mileage Test

This video of the real-life mileage test of the new 2024 Swift comes courtesy of Classic Gears from YouTube. It starts off with the presenter explaining that this will be a comprehensive real-life test. He adds that he will be taking the car on the highway, city, and even off-road. The car will be driven for around 60-80 km, and then its mileage will be calculated.

Following this, the video then starts with the vlogger taking the new Swift to the fuel station. The presenter mentions that the new Swift has a fuel tank of 37 litres. He then asks the attendant to fill the fuel to the brim. After this, he shows the odometer reading of the car.

Highway Test

All New 2024 Maruti Swift: Real World Mileage Test [Video]

It can be observed that the car has only done 45 km, which means it is a brand new car. Soon after this, he sets the car in the trip B setting and also resets the live fuel economy. After this, he starts driving the new Swift on the highway. He sets the cruise control of the car at 80 kmph. After this, he drives it for 25 km.

Off-road Test

All New 2024 Maruti Swift: Real World Mileage Test [Video]

Next up, the presenter then mentions that he will be testing the suspension of his car. For this, he will be driving it for 10 km on a very rough patch of road. Following this, he then adds that as such there is no difference in the suspension setup of the car.

City Test

All New 2024 Maruti Swift: Real World Mileage Test [Video]

After completing off-roading for 10 km, the vlogger then drives the Swift on the highway. This time around, he drives it at high speeds of 100-120 kmph. He does this for the next 10-15 km and then takes it inside the city. Following this, he drives the car in the city until it reaches 75.1 km.

Final Mileage Calculation

Lastly, the presenter then takes the new Swift back to the same fuel station where he initially filled it. This time again, he asks the attendant to fill the tank to the brim. Following this, he mentions the car took around 3.41 litres of petrol after driving it for 75.1 km.

All New 2024 Maruti Swift: Real World Mileage Test [Video]

Next up, he divides 75.1 km by 3.41 litres and the average fuel economy comes out to about 22 kmpl. This mileage is 3 kmpl less than the advertised mileage. However, the vlogger mentions that the car has not undergone its first service.

Once the car has completely run, the mileage increases. Additionally, he adds that the car has been driven in every type of scenario which the new Swift can go through. He added that if he had driven it only on the highway at one speed, its mileage would have come out a lot more.