All-New 2024 Maruti Swift: 5 Disappointments

2005. Bangalore. A bunch of friends and me were standing outside our college and a fast red car passed by swiftly. Everyone took notice but nobody knew what it was. It was unlike anything that we’d seen on Indian roads. Was it a Mini Cooper? Or something from Hyundai or Honda? What the hell was it?

All-New 2024 Maruti Swift: 5 Disappointments


Well,  we found out soon, just like the rest of India did. It was the Maruti Suzuki Swift. a car that came, saw and conquered, for it set the benchmark for hatchbacks. Be it in looks, performance, handling or even fuel efficiency, the Swift captured both minds and market. Nearly 20 years and 3 generations later, a new Swift has arrived. And it’s a bit of a disappointment.

Sure, it retains the familiar, sporty looks that the Swift has always been known for. It is bigger, taller, even slightly heavier and with more features.  But scratch beyond the surface, and the new Swift seems like a half-hearted effort, a car that’s launched for the sake of launching it in a market that no longer seems to love hatchbacks the way it did. Let’s cut to the chase and explain why exactly we’re disappointed with the all Swift.

3 cylinder petrol engine that makes less power and torque!

Across 3 generations, the Swift has hosted some excellent engines, right from the peppy 85 Bhp G13B to the rev happy 90 Bhp K-Series petrol. Even the Fiat Multijet diesel on the first two generations of the Swift made it super fun-to-drive. In its latest generation, the Swift has regressed to a 3 cylinder petrol that’s down on both power and torque. The 1.2 liter motor makes 82 Bhp, 8 Bhp down from the previous engine, and 112 Nm – 1 Nm lower.

Will the new Swift be just as peppy as the one it replaces? Fat chance, given the fact that it’s gotten slightly heavier, and more fuel efficient (tuning focused on economy rather than perf0rmance). Enthusiasts would have loved the 1 liter turbo petrol engine that’s on offer with stablemate Fronx. With about 100 Bhp, the turbo petrol motor would have made the all-new Swift really quite swift.

There’s no hybrid as well. Not cool!

All-New 2024 Maruti Swift: 5 Disappointments

For years now, the 4th generation Swift was touted to come with a strong hybrid engine. Fuel efficiency was expected to go up to 30 Kmpl, with the strong hybrid also delivering peppy acceleration thanks to the electric motor’s instant torque on demand. Both these things haven’t happened. Why, even the 12V mild hybrid powertrain that’s available on the Japan-spec Swift hasn’t made it to the Indian model. Just not cool!


All-New 2024 Maruti Swift: 5 Disappointments
ADAS equipped Japan-spec all-new 2024 Swift


While the Japan-spec Swift offers ADAS, the Indian version doesn’t. Given the fact that the Swift was a benchmark-setter, one would have ordinarily expected ADAS to make it into the latest-gen model sold in India. Evidently, this hasn’t happened, and the Swift has lost the opportunity of setting the benchmark for technological advancement so far as safety is concerned. We hope the India-spec Swift does well on the crash test front. The Japanese Swift has bagged a 4 star rating. Achieving a similar number would be the saving grace for the India-spec Swift.


All-New 2024 Maruti Swift: 5 Disappointments

AMTs (automated manual transmissions) are suitable for hatchbacks purely meant for city commuting. They’re fuel efficient but slow, ponderous and are best enjoyed relaxed-ly. On a sporty car like the Swift, the AMT was always a blot or sorts. The 6 speed torque converter that Maruti offers on the Fronx Turbo would have just been perfect on the Swift. Alas, this is another critical miss that makes the Swift dumb down its sporty credentials. A car like the Swift deserves a dual clutch automatic gearbox, or at least a torque converter.

Thin on features

All-New 2024 Maruti Swift: 5 Disappointments
Heads-up display on the new Baleno

The Indian market just adores feature-rich cars. The all-new Swift comes up short here as well. While there’s a new touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and an Arkamys sound system, the new car doesn’t even offer features that the facelifted Baleno does. For instance, the heads-up display, 360-degree camera, front arm rest and UV-cut glass are all absent on the new Swift. And these are features that are now quite common on most cars. Another missed opportunity for the Swift to set the benchmark!