2024 Maruti Swift: Base LXi Trim Modified Tastefully [Video]

2024 maruti swift lxi tasteful modification

The all new 2024 Swift was launched on 9 May and we have already started seeing multiple modified Swift’s. These modifications started even before the deliveries for the hatchback began officially. Earlier, we covered a Swift base to top conversion which was uploaded on YouTube by MRD cars and a Swift LXi which was tastefully modified with numerous aftermarket modifications. Today, we will talk about the Swift base to top conversion in depth along with the pricing.

The video is uploaded by MRD Cars in which the Youtuber is showing his own Swift LXi which has been converted to the top variant. The host has answered multiple questions in a single video.

In the starting of the video, the host mentions that this car costed him Rs. 7,30,000 on-road. The ex-showroom price of the car is Rs. 6.5 lakhs. The most noticeable change in the exterior is the alloy wheels.

From the company, this car comes loaded with 14-inch steel rims which are updated to 15-inch aftermarket alloy wheels. The host states that he chose 15-inch considering the low power figures of the car. These alloy wheels are wrapped in Yokohama rubber. The price of the alloy wheels is Rs. 25,000 and the tire costs Rs. 7300 each.

2024 Maruti Swift: Base LXi Trim Modified Tastefully [Video]

The host states that the front fascia of the car is kept entirely stock, even fog lights have not been added. The LXi variant of the Swift does not offer electrically adjustable and foldable ORVMs which are installed in this car. These ORVMs come with integrated turn signals.

Due to this the hole for fender mounted indicators has to be covered with additional accessories. This cover roughly costs Rs. 500. The ORVM covers are also changed. These sporty covers are Maruti genuine and costs Rs. 2,000 for the pair.

The electrically adjustable and foldable ORVMs cost the host Rs. 8,500. These mirrors are connected to the keys and the fold/unfold when the car is locked/unlocked. To add to the sporty appeal of the car, roof has been wrapped in glossy black and the pillars are wrapped in matte black. Additionally a shark fin antenna has also been installed.

Similar to the front, the rear profile of the car is stock. Now, let’s talk about the changes in the cabin. The controls for the ORVMs are added on the driver side door. The steering wheel has been replaced with the top model’s steering wheel with multimedia controls and cruise control.

However, the host mentions that the cruise control does not work and only the multimedia controls are functional. The host talks about another disadvantage of changing the steering wheel. He is facing a major issue as after the change the steering of the car is always tilted to the left or the right.

Due to this issue, he completely advised against such modification. The price for this steering wheel is Rs. 4,000. A Range Rover inspired infotainment system is also installed in the car which comes at a price of Rs. 15,000. The host mentions that after 10 to 15 minutes of continuous use, this system hangs and the audio quality drops. This infotainment system is popularly known as diamond 2k in the market. In the end, the host mentions that the overall cost for this modification was Rs. 1,14,000.