New Maruti Swift Vs Baleno In A Classic Drag Race On Video

maruti swift vs baleno drag race featured

Today, we will compare the all-new 2024 Swift with its more premium alternative, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. The YouTube video is uploaded by MRD Cars where both of these hatchbacks are performance tested in drag races. In total, three races were conducted.

Before talking about the race, let’s discuss the engine and power figures. Both the cars have manual transmission and are powered by a 1.2-litre petrol unit. However, the Swift’s engine is three-cylinder whereas the Baleno’s engine is a four-cylinder block.

Talking about the power figures, the 2024 Swift delivers 80 PS of power and 111 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the Baleno’s engine produces 89 PS of power and 113 Nm of torque.

The conditions of the race were not specified in the video. Please note that the Baleno is loaded with aftermarket alloy wheels. The first race is started by the driver of the Swift. Initially, Swift takes the lead for a few seconds but it is soon overtaken by the Baleno.

New Maruti Swift Vs Baleno In A Classic Drag Race On Video

The competition remains neck to neck for the majority of the race. However, towards the end, when the fourth gear is engaged in both cars, the 2024 Swift takes the lead and wins the race by a very small margin. Even though the first race was won by the Swift, the Baleno kept up pretty well considering it is loaded with aftermarket alloys.

In the second race, the AC and traction control are turned off. This time around, the Baleno driver starts the race. The Baleno took the lead in the start and continued to maintain its position. This time around, the Swift did not even come close to the bigger hatchback and the Baleno won the race with a significant difference. The host mentions that turning the traction control off helped the Baleno.

A third and final race is conducted. Similar to the first race, the Swift driver starts the race. The Baleno driver made a late start in this round due to which the 2024 Swift took the lead. However, really soon the Baleno comes neck to neck with the Swift highlighting its better performance. The Baleno nearly took the lead but due to traffic conditions, the race had to be stopped. We can conclude that the Maruti Suzuki Baleno won the third race as well.

Towards the end of the video, the host states that performance-wise the Baleno is a way better choice than the Swift. This is because the engine in the bigger hatchback is a four-cylinder unit and produces more power. Even in terms of refinement, the Baleno easily wins over the Swift.

On the other hand, the USP of the Swift’s all-new engine is its mileage figures. The claimed mileage for the Baleno is 22.35 km/l whereas it is 24.8 km/l for the 2024 Swift. Hence, we can conclude that if mileage is your priority you can go for the Swift but if you want better performance, the Maruti Baleno would be a more suitable option. Also, while the Baleno is a tried and tested performer, the new Maruti Swift has yet to prove itself in the market.