205 Bhp Volkswagen Ameo & 250 Bhp Vento: You can buy now them in India!

Volkswagen Motorsport, the racing division of the German automaker, is now offering race-spec versions of the Ameo compact sedan and Vento full-size sedans to customers who wish to go racing.

The race-spec Volkswagen Ameo makes a whopping 205 Bhp while the Vento makes 250 Bhp, which can even be pushed up to 300 Bhp. This is probably the first time ever that a mainstream automaker in India is selling race-spec cars to customers who wish to go track racing. It goes without saying that these cars will not be road-legal, and are meant only for track-use. And yes, both cars will cost more than double of what their street-going versions do.

205 Bhp Volkswagen Ameo & 250 Bhp Vento: You can buy now them in India!

The fully loaded, race-spec Volkswagen Ameo and Vento will cost about Rs. 40 lakhs each. The cheapest race-spec version of the Volkswagen Vento can be had for about Rs. 24 lakhs. Both cars are powered by the 1.8 liter TSI petrol turbocharged engine that runs different states of tune.

On the Ameo, this motor built to race-spec makes 205 Bhp of peak power and is mated to a sequential gearbox with an automatic mode, and is front wheel driven. A BMC intake, FMSCI spec rollcage, a seam welded body, a race ready fire extinguisher and an OMP race seat are the other key features offered on the race-spec Volkswagen Ameo.

205 Bhp Volkswagen Ameo & 250 Bhp Vento: You can buy now them in India!

As for the Vento, the same engine is offered in 205 Bhp state of tune with the ITC restrictor plates on. With the plates off, the output goes up to a staggering 250 Bhp, and can be further boosted up to 300 Bhp with an even madder remap that Volkswagen offers on customer demand.

Like the Ameo, the race-spec Volkswagen Vento is front wheel driven but gets a 6 speed manual gearbox with sequential shifting. Other common bits include a rollcage, a race seat and harness, KW suspension with Eibach springs and a fire extinguisher – standard items for track racing.

Via NDTVAuto