21-year-old engineer girl now sells Pani Puri from her custom built Royal Enfield Bullet food cart

India is progressing at a rampant pace and women’s entrepreneurship is also picking up speed in the country. Most recently a video of a young woman became viral on the popular social media platform Instagram where she shared her journey of becoming a pani puri vendor after finishing her studies of engineering. The 21-year-old sells pani puri on her custom-built food cart which is hauled around by a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle.


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The video of her inspiring story has been shared on Instagram by are_you_hungry007. The woman introduces herself and tells that her name is Tapsi Upadhyay and that she is only 21 years old. She mentions that she agrees with the quote that “Age is just a number”. Tapsi further states that many people have told her that she should not be doing this gig as she is an engineering graduate and is a woman and should be at home. However, she adds that she ignores all these stereotypes and comments and continues to do what she likes.

She then gives a small tour of her cart and shows the pani puris that are air-fried she also tells that the puris also don’t contain refined flour. She also shows the spicy water which she mentions that it contains spices roasted in earthen pots and crushed by hand. She also shows the tamrind and jaggery sweet chutney along with her eco-friendly bowls made of leaves.

21-year-old engineer girl now sells Pani Puri from her custom built Royal Enfield Bullet food cart

The video does not show the Royal Enfield Bullet behind which her cart is attached in great detail but we can see Tapsi riding it to her spot in the city. This is not the first time that a Royal Enfield has been converted into a food cart. There are also numerous people in the country that have modified their Royal Enfield Bullets into different food carts.

One of the most popular Bullet food carts came infront of the people in 2016 from Bangalore. The cart was created by four partners who ran the ‘Barbecue Ride India’ startup. They custom fabricated a barbecue and attached it with a Royal Enfield Classic 500.

Arun Varma, his brother Krishna Kumar Varma, Manogna Chaudhary, and Syed Mujeeb, four final-year students at Sindhi College of Commerce, founded the business. They also got the patent for their kitchen design and they also managed to raise Rs 10 lakh through crowdsourcing for the expansion of their business.

A few years ago another video involving food and Royal Enfield surfaced on the internet. In this video a man was seen putting popcorn kernels inside the hot silencer of a Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle in order to get them popped. The YouTuber first warms up the bike by riding it and then puts the kernels inside and after a while the prepared popcorns do pop out. He mentions that although the experiment worked he could not taste the popcorn as they got a little burnt out by the exhaust.

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