25 year-old Lexus LX converted into a Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 [Video]

We seen all sorts of Toyota Fortuners to Legenders conversions or type 1 to type 2 Fortuner conversions here on Cartoq and on YouTube. Although one thing that we have not seen done more often is the conversion of an LC100 to LC200. Yes! the car you see in the featured picture and on the thumbnail is an old 1999 Lexus LC100. You might not think of it because it does not look one bit like an old Lexus LC. The entire SUV has been modified and converted into a previous gen Land Cruiser SUV.

The video of this magnificent conversion has been shared on YouTube via HER GARAGE, in this video the presenter interviews the owner about the entire journey and process behind this vehicle. The presenter begin the video with a brief introduction of the SUV and the owner. The first question which she asks to the owner is that when did he purchase the vehicle. To which he replies that he got the car in 2020. He explained that this car used to come their garage for repairs all its life and it belonged to a Chief Justice of India from he which he purchased the vehicle.

Following this the presenter then comes in the frame of the video and starts with the first and most eye-catching element of the SUV which is its Rose Gold paint. The presenter asks the owner what is this color how did they make it. So the owner replies that the color is custom color which they prepared after making 15-20 samples in their own shop. He told that its a metallic Rose Gold color. She then inquires about all the exterior body elements modifications to which the owner explains everything.

25 year-old Lexus LX converted into a Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 [Video]

He explains that to convert the old LC100 to LC200 they had to change the bonnet, headlights, fog lights, bumpers and side fenders in the front. He explained that they had to custom fit a lot of stuff to make it look flush. He then moved on the doors of the SUV which he explained that they had to make custom body lines to go with the new fenders and also remove the old plastic claddings to help achieve the factory finish. On the rear he explained that they had to change the bumper, LED lights and other aesthetic elements as well. He stated that they have also added another lip spoiler on the rear which they call the glass holder which can be used as said to hold glasses when standing outside.

Following this the presenter moves on to the interior of the SUV and shows that the entire interior has been reupholstered to make it look as new. She shows the all-new Tesla like infotainment screen of the car and then moves on to the rear of the car which has the main attraction that are the massaging and reclining Maybach like seats. She shows all the controls of the seats. Moving on she asks the owner for the entire cost of build of this car to which he replies that the car itself costed them Rs 20 lakhs and they added another Rs 35 lakhs to build the car as everyone can see.

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