A 27-year old gets a Rolls Royce Ghost for a day [Video]

Rolls-Royce cars and luxury go hand in hand. With a rise in number of young entrepreneurs in the country, we have seen a rise in sale of luxury cars including Rolls Royce. Even today, majority of people living in India cannot actually afford a Rolls Royce car. Here, we have a video of a 27-year-old boy who got to spend a whole day in a Rolls Royce Ghost II.

The video has been uploaded by OK Tested on their YouTube channel. The presenter of the video hired a Rolls Royce Ghost luxury sedan for a day. He did this just to experience how does it feel like to be driven around in a Rolls Royce. The car arrives at the office and the presenter can be seen enjoying the ride for a whole day while sitting in the rear seat. The car seen here in the video is a Rolls Royce Ghost II. The car was initially launched in 2014. We now have the next-generation Ghost in the market. Rolls Royce even launched the Black Badge version of the Ghost in India.

Coming back to the car, the 27-year-old guy first enjoyed the electrically adjustable seats. He can be seen playing with controls and checked out every button and retractable tray in the car. The chauffeur then drove him around the city and he wanted to check the reactions of fellow motorists. Rolls-Royce cars are quite common on the roads of Delhi and the presenter actually did not get the response he actually wanted. The car was actually being driven through a posh locality in Delhi.

A 27-year old gets a Rolls Royce Ghost for a day [Video]

After this the chauffeur drove the car around the city and took it to SDA market in Delhi, where it received a lot of attention from the passerby. People even came closer to the car and had a look at it. There he ordered a cup of tea from a roadside vendor and asked people about the Rolls Royce sedan. He even took the umbrella out from the door and walked around. The driver even took the car to a petrol station where he told the presenter that the car returns around 3 kmpl. The driver mentions that the service cost of this Rolls Royce is around Rs 1.75 lakh. The presenter actually enjoyed every bit of this experience. Renting such expensive cars have become common in many metro cities but, they are still very expensive.

There are couple of things that the driver mentioned wrongly in the video. The First thing is that Rolls Royce checks profile of the customer before selling the car. This is wrong because Rolls Royce is also like any other car manufacturer. If you have the money to afford a Rolls Royce they will sell it. He also mentions that the car uses jet fuel. This is also wrong piece of information. Rolls Royce does make jet engines but their cars use petrol only. The driver can be seen filling 97 Octane fuel in car. The jet fuel is actually based on Kerosene and not petrol.