29 year-old Indian billionaire and his super luxurious fleet of Rolls Royces

Piyush Nagar is an Indian who lives in Dubai and owns one of the biggest car garages around the world. His parking space consists of some of the most expensive sports cars, performance cars and super cars. But what really catches the attention is his collection of Rolls Royce cars. While he owns everything from a Bentley to a Ferrari to a McLaren, it is his Rolls Royce collection that has caught our attention. All his cars have the number 9 on the registration plate! Here are Piyush Nagar’s ten Rolls Royce cars and SUVs. Yes, there are more than ten Rolls Royce cars in his garage.

Rolls Royce Phantom Series VIII LWB

This is the longwheel base version of the Rolls Royce Phantom and it costs a lot more than the standard version. This vehicle took about six months because of the high level of customisation and is one of the most expensive Rolls Royces in his garage. It gets customised cabin and there is so much space in the second row that people taller than six feet will be able to extend their legs completely. This vehicle is used as a family car and anyone who needs to go out takes the vehicle.

Rolls Royce Phantom Series VIII

There is also a standard Rolls Royce Phantom in the garage and it gets a customised red coloured interiors. This vehicle also gets velvet carpets and matching seats. The space, even though shorter than the LWB version, it is ample to travel in it for hours without any space problem.

Rolls Royce Dawn

Rolls Royce Dawn is one of the iconic vehicles from the brand. Here is a highly customised Dawn in Piyush Nagar’s garage that gets a beautiful shade on the outside and the cabin gets purple highlights. Even the steering wheel gets a purple highlight, which makes it look unique.

Rolls Royce Phantom Series VII

Well, of course, there are older-generation Phantom lying around in the house too. Here is a white coloured Phantom Series VII, which many find to be one of the most beautiful cars in the world. The car belongs to his uncle and he says that it is the first Phantom that he has bought. It also gets customised cabin that is finished in a dark red shade.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

Rolls Royce Cullinan is the first ever SUV from the Biritish luxury brand and it has gained quite a popularity around the world. Piyush Nagar owns a Rolls Royce in white colour with again red customised cabin.

Rolls Royce Ghost

This is the last-generation Rolls Royce Ghost, which is parked away from all the other cars. The Ghost is the most affordable Rolls Royce car that you can buy and maybe that’s why it is parked away from the view. They do not show the cabin or the interior of the this Rolls.

Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge

The Wraith is a coupe and looks very unique in the Rolls Royce model line-up. This is a blacked coloured Wraith with a red pinstripe and customised red cabin. This is a special black badge edition, which means that there is no chrome on the exterior and it looks really sporty.

Rolls Royce Dawn

Here is another Rolls Royce Dawn that gets a beautiful red and black finish. It sure looks sporty and it also has different cabin colours compared to the Dawn that was shown in the video. This gets red velvet cabin unlike the purple one on the Dawn above.

Rolls Royce Ghost

This Rolls Royce done in a golden and white shade is in Delhi. Whenever he comes to the country, he drives it around. He has quite a few cars in India too and most of them are in white and gold colour.

Rolls Royce Phantom VII

This is the previous generation Phantom in a beautiful blue colour. It gets a beige cabin and customised alloy wheels too. This one rarely gets out of the home, especially now that there are a lot of present-generation Rolls Royce are in his garage.