3 day old Mahindra XUV700 breaks down in the middle of the city: Owner doesn’t want SUV after poor response from RSA

After a series of unfortunate experiences with new Mahindra cars, particularly the XUV700 and the Scorpio-N, another dissatisfied owner of a Mahindra XUV700 has come forward to share their ordeal. This customer, who has owned the car for only three days, took to the internet to seek a full refund from Anand Mahindra, the head of Mahindra Automotive.

Richard M Nathan, the car owner, experienced this distressing incident in Chennai. According to him, the diesel-automatic Mahindra XUV700 unexpectedly came to a halt at the Luz Corner signal in Chennai around 2:50 PM. Despite contacting roadside assistance, no one came to his aid.

Richard purchased the car on June 2nd and took it out on June 5th. He further mentions that he is still awaiting the registration number. To his dismay, the car simply froze at a busy traffic signal during peak hours. When he reached out to the roadside assistance, they refused to come to the location and instead attempted to resolve the issue over the phone.

3 day old Mahindra XUV700 breaks down in the middle of the city: Owner doesn’t want SUV after poor response from RSA

The owner suspects that the problem lies within the car’s electronics. He explains that while waiting at the signal, as soon as he pressed the accelerator, the car’s screens froze and it shut down on its own. Attempts to restart the vehicle proved futile.

Expressing his frustration, the owner states that he waited for 15 months to receive the car but no longer wishes to keep it. He now demands a complete refund for the vehicle. He says a towing van came after 3 hours to pick-up the XUV700 and shift it to the nearest service centre.

Richard also raises valid concerns about the car completely shutting down after only three days of ownership. He questions the reliability of the vehicle even after repairs. Additionally, he highlights the unsatisfactory service from Mahindra and doubts their capability to provide satisfactory support in the long run.

Mahindra XUV700 caught fire

Recently, a Mahindra XUV700 caught fire. According to the owner, the car unexpectedly burst into flames without any prior signs of overheating. Fortunately, no injuries were reported as all passengers were able to safely evacuate the vehicle before the fire rapidly consumed it.

Following the viral video of a Mahindra XUV700 catching fire, the brand has issued an official statement providing insights into the incident. Mahindra Automotive conducted a thorough investigation and determined that the fire in the XUV700 was a result of wire tampering.

No such investigation is done on this XUV700 from Chennai yet so we cannot comment on the exact reason. However, Mahindra has started doing thorough investigations recently and updating the customers about the problems. So we can expect an official response from the brand soon.

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