3 friends attacked by elephant: This is why you should NOT step out in National Parks

India has national parks and wildlife reserves spread across the country. With many roads crossing through these national parks, the authorities always post warning signs that ask tourists and motorists not to stop in the jungles. It can be dangerous and three friends in Karnataka learnt it the hard way.

A video of an elephant attacking a man became viral a few days ago. Three friends were passing through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The video shows that the car stopped just before a speed breaker. One of the occupants got out of the vehicle to answer nature’s call. His other two friends got down with a camera and mobile phone.

The friends got excited as they spotted an elephant grazing nearby in the forest. The friends thought that it will be a good idea to capture the moment with the camera. They started clicking pictures. The other friend crossed the road and went inside the forest to relieve himself.

3 friends attacked by elephant: This is why you should NOT step out in National Parks

The elephant got irked by the camera sounds and the sounds of other vehicles. The elephant started to move towards the parked car. Sensing that the elephant is not coming to them in a friendly way, they panicked and entered the SUV. The driver of the car started the vehicle and moved ahead.

However, the third person who entered the forest did not come out. The elephant spotted this person and ran towards him. After spotting the enraged elephant, the person started running towards a tree and then crossed the road. The elephant chased him to the SUV.

The man fell while climbing into the car

As soon as the man reached the SUV, the driver panicked and moved the vehicle ahead. The man fell on the road but somehow managed to get inside the vehicle. It was a close shave for the man and it could have gone wrong.

Many other cars stopped after the elephant started attacking. The authorities have tracked down the youths and have imposed a fine on them as well. The Karnataka Forest Department has up new signboards to stop tourists from doing such things again in the future.

Don’t disturb the animals

Animals, especially the elephants are very calm and would not attack until provoked. One should never go dangerously close to wild animals as they are very unpredictable. If an animal feels threatened by humans, it will attack

This is why it is important to maintain distance from wild animals. Herds of wild elephants can often be spotted crossing the roads in the forests and national parks of India. One should just stop the vehicle and wait for the animals to cross the road without any disturbance.

Also, if the animal attacks the vehicle, the best thing is to stay calm and not threaten the animal. Threatening the animal can cause the situation to become aggravated.

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