3 German Pre-Owned Luxury cars at the price of a Renault Duster AWD

3 German Pre-Owned Luxury cars at the price of a Renault Duster AWD

Snapshot – Luxury cars are all about arriving in style and the Germans are right up there, when it comes to sheer snob value. In India, nearly 30,000 luxury cars are sold each year, with status conscious buyers constantly upgrading. So, it’s nirvana for the used car buyer in the country as pre-owned German luxury cars take steep depreciation hits when they seek second buyers.

Today, we’ll take a look at what 15 lakh rupee can net you in terms of German luxury sedans in the pre-owned car market. For starters, this is about the same kind of money that a Renault Duster AWD commands. We’re taking 2010 as the year of purchase to maintain a semblance of standardization while all prices will reflect the going rates in the market at Delhi.

2010 Audi A4

Audi A4 Front

The A4 sedan is a hot selling car for Audi, for it was an entry level model until the advent of the Q3 crossover and the A3 sedan. Many examples of the car can be found in the pre-owned market. For under 15 lakh rupees, A4’s from the 2010 model year, with petrol and diesel engines are currently available at Delhi. While 1.8 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI turbo petrol engined cars are available at prices from 14-15 lakh rupees, a well kept 2.0 TDI turbo diesel engined model with about 60,000 clicks on the odometer starts at 15 lakh rupees.

2010 BMW 3-Series

BMW 3-Series Front

If driving pleasure is what you’re after, the E92 BMW 3-Series sedan is what you should fall for, hook, line and sinker. The car offers terrific feedback from the road and the low slung driving position makes you feel one with the road. The 2 liter turbo diesel motor is a free revving gem that gets a 6 speed automatic gearbox. The car also gets 2 liter, 215 Bhp petrol motor in the 325i variant, which also commands a lakh lesser than the diesel. Our pick is the diesel though, for the tremendous driving feel it offers, along with good fuel efficiency.

2010 Mercedes Benz C-Class

Mercedes Benz C-Class Front

The C-Class has been around the longest when it comes to entry level luxury sedans from the Teuton trio. The car is the pick when it comes to offering good rear seat comfort. It is also a popular choice in the pre-owned market as Mercedes Benz was one of the first luxury automobile makers to offer certified used cars. While a petrol powered 200 CGI model sells for about 14 lakh rupees in Delhi, the 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine powered 250 CDI Classic variant costs close to 15 lakh rupees. Buying one from the pre-owned division of a Mercedes Benz dealer is advisable.