3 helmetless girls on scooter saved by bus driver’s reflexes [Video]

We have often come across incidents were bus drivers have caused accidents due to rash driving. Here we have a video where a bus driver’s quick reflex actually saved the lives of not one but three girls who were on a scooter. In most of these cases, people end up blaming bus drivers but, in this case CCTV footage from the place where this incident happened has surfaced online and that clearly shows who is at fault. Ever since the video has surfaced online, many news channels have carried used the same for reporting.

The video has been uploaded by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. The incident happened in Kozhikode district of Kerala. As per the reports, three girls were riding a scooter inside the city. None of them were wearing helmet. As they approached a junction, they simply rode the scooter forward without checking if there were other vehicles on the road. The private bus which was approaching the junction had not seen the girls on the scooter. They suddenly came in front of the bus when it approached the intersection. The girl who was riding the scooter turned it away from the bus on time and the bus driver also managed to apply brakes on time and stop the bus immediately.

If the driver had not stopped the bus, then all three girls sitting on the scooter would have been injured. The CCTV clearly shows that none of them were wearing a helmet. After escaping from the accident, the girls did not stop and simply rode the scooter away. None of them were injured. In most cases, whenever an accident like this happens, people only blame the driver of the bus. The main reason for that is because most of the buses are driven rashly on our roads. In this case however, it is the fault of the girls.

3 helmetless girls on scooter saved by bus driver’s reflexes [Video]

Driving heavy vehicles like a bus or truck is quite difficult, especially in India. when you are driving behind a heavy vehicle, it is always recommended to maintain a safe distance as you never know what might come in front of it. If you see a truck or a bus approaching always give way to it. In this case, the scooter-riding girls might have seen the bus but, still they decided go ahead and cross the road. It is quite possible that the bus driver might not have seen them until they were too close to the bus. The best thing to do in this situation was to stop at the intersection, make sure if there were any other vehicles on the road or not. Once the vehicles have passed, only then proceed to cross the road.

As we mentioned above, there were three girls on that one scooter. tripling is an offence and none of them were wearing a helmet too. This is again a very dangerous thing to do. Two-wheelers are ideal for two people only. It is not clear whether people have identified the girls or cops have taken any action against them for reckless riding.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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