3 Hindustan Ambassador sedans neatly modified into convertibles [Video]

The Hindustan Ambassador is one of the most recognizable car names in India. The iconic Ambassador lived through the highs and lows of market changes in India, finally going out of production in 2014. With the rise in the number of modern cars, the demand for Ambassadors drastically declined. In terms of design, the HM Ambassadors didn’t change much. It was a bulky and chunky-looking sedan that offered a comfortable ride to its occupants. Several modified examples of Ambassador sedans have been seen in the past. Here, we have three videos featuring an Ambassador sedan converted into a convertible.

The first video has been shared by The Future Of PR on their YouTube channel. It is a very short video showcasing a modified HM Ambassador. We are not sure about the exact generation of the sedan; however, the front grille resembles a Mark 1 Ambassador. The entire sedan has been modified inside out, and it appears to be a very neat project.

3 Hindustan Ambassador sedans neatly modified into convertibles [Video]
Ambassador convertible

The roof has been completely removed, and there are no pillars either. The seat upholstery is finished in leather, and the seats themselves are original. Both the front and rear doors are functional, allowing passengers to easily get in and out.

3 Hindustan Ambassador sedans neatly modified into convertibles [Video]

The dashboard and the steering wheel also look very neat. The whole sedan has been painted in a dual-tone scheme that complements the overall look. Unlike some cars, the convertible version of the Ambassador does not look odd by any means. In fact, it looks like the Ambassador was always meant to be a convertible.

Moving on to the next video, an HM Ambassador has been converted into a convertible. The exterior body styling looks different from the first version. The owner of this sedan has tried to give the car a retro look with white-colored pinstripes and a sky blue body color. Once again, the car was displayed at an expo, and the exact details of the modifications are not available. Even the wheels on this sedan have been painted in the body color to match the retro aesthetic. The seats have all been redone, and this car also has four doors for easy access to the rear seats. Like the first video, we are unsure about the structural rigidity of the car and how it handles now.

The last video showcases another modification project involving the Ambassador. In this video, we see how a regular Ambassador is converted into a convertible. This looks like an Ambassador Classic sedan. They start by chopping away the roof along with the pillars. Once the dashboard and seats are removed from the car, they begin working on the convertible conversion. They fix all the dents and scratches, apply putty and primer, and then paint the whole car in a shade of yellow. Just like the first two sedans, this convertible doesn’t look bad. We assume that the interior of this sedan has also been redone to match the exterior paint job.