3 modified Volkswagen Polo hatchbacks used as wedding cars look great [Video]

The Volkswagen Polo has always held a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. It was one of the most affordable cars from the Volkswagen group in the Indian market and was discontinued last year. Even today, there is a great demand for this small hatchback in the used car market. The Volkswagen Polo offers a lot of potential for modifications, and we have seen several examples of that in the past. There are numerous body kits and performance upgrades available for the Polo, and customers with a taste for modification have explored these possibilities. In this video, we see not one, but three modified Volkswagen Polo hatchbacks being used as wedding cars.


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The video has been shared by Basil Sunny Padavettil on his Instagram page. This video is actually from Kerala, where we know people have a good taste when it comes to modifying cars. We have seen people bring several exotic cars to Kerala via Carnet as well. In this video, we see tastefully modified Volkswagen Polo hatchbacks. The first one is finished in a shade of red, the second one in a shade of deep blue or navy blue, and the third Polo is finished in a Miami Blue shade.

All three cars used in this wedding are decorated with flowers, and each one has its own identity. They have all been lowered, which definitely enhances their look. They now appear much more aggressive and sporty. All three hatchbacks feature aftermarket headlamps with LED DRLs. The Deep Blue colored Polo even has a red-colored LED DRL, which adds to its aggressive appearance. All three Polo hatchbacks seen in the video have similar aftermarket body kits installed. The Red Polo has flashers installed behind the lower air dam, and there are LED fog lamps as well. A similar setup can be seen in the Navy Blue version of the Polo too.

3 modified Volkswagen Polo hatchbacks used as wedding cars look great [Video]
Volkswagen Polo modified

The alloy wheels look great on all three Polo hatchbacks. As this is an Instagram reel that is only a few seconds long, it does not provide exact details of the modifications. We have written this article based on what is clearly seen in the video. Just like the front end, we hope that the tail lamps and rear bumper on these hatchbacks have also been customized. Towards the end of the video, we can see the bride and groom walking away from the Polo, and that is where the video ends. The chrome elements on all three Polo hatchbacks have been blacked out for a uniform look.

We are not sure whether the owners of these Polo hatchbacks have opted for any performance upgrades or not. The Volkswagen Polo was available in the Indian market for 12 years. Throughout these years, Volkswagen did not give this car any major updates in terms of design. The overall design of the latest model Polo is similar to the first version. The brand only made cosmetic changes. However, the engine and transmission did see some changes. The last version of the Polo was available with a 1.0-liter TSI petrol engine. The diesel engine was discontinued due to new emission norms. The manufacturer even offered the three-door GTI in limited numbers.