3 month old Maruti Baleno catches fire while moving; Father-son escape

A 3 month old Maruti Baleno went up in flames near Kochi, on Friday. The father-son duo traveling in the car managed to escape in the nick of time, but couldn’t save the car, which burned to the ground in a matter of minutes. Here’s how the incident panned out, according to Noushad, a businessman who was driving the car when it went up in flames,

Maruti Baleno Fire 1

I was taking my son Amal to his school at Edapally. We had hardly traveled four kms when the smoke was detected. As soon as we got out of the car after halting it on one side of Container road, it caught fire. The car was a new one and we were travelling with the AC on.

Maruti Baleno Fire 2

The preliminary probe suggests that an electrical short circuit caused the fire. A team from Delhi (perhaps from Maruti) is expected to conduct further investigation on this front. Now, cars regularly catch fire due to multiple reasons. So, unless we know what exactly happened, it’s unfair to blame the Baleno. Meanwhile, here’s what you need to do if smoke or fire is detected inside/outside the car,

  1. Get out of the car immediately.
  2. If the doors are stuck, remove the headrest of the seat to break open the windows of the door.
  3. If you have a fire extinguisher in the car, you can use it to douse the fire, but you need to first exit the car before thinking of saving it.

Via AutoproMag