3 new KTM Dukes launched: 200, ‘250’ & 390

Finally, KTM has launched the 2017 Duke Series in India. While the 390 Duke and the 200 Duke were already present in the Indian market, springing a surprise, KTM has also launched the 250 Duke here. Here is everything you need to know.

2017 KTM 390 Duke

3 new KTM Dukes launched: 200, ‘250’ & 390

The 390 Duke has gone through a major update. The motorcycle is nothing like the previous generation Duke anymore. The motorcycle looks completely different and gets mechanical additions too. The new Duke 390 is sharper, and the design is inspired from the KTM 1290 Super Duke R. The 390 Duke is the biggest Duke available in the Indian market.

The chassis of the motorcycle remain the same, but it gets a new sub-frame. The motorcycle is bigger in size. In 2017 model, the 390 Duke comes with an all-new LED headlamp with 20 LED DRLs. The tank is grown bigger and is much more aggressive now with new tank extensions. The tank of the motorcycle has also grown larger. The tank is now made of steel, and has a capacity of 13.5 liters as against the previous fiber tank’s capacity of 11-liters.

3 new KTM Dukes launched: 200, ‘250’ & 390

The new KTM 390 Duke will come with the similar 373.2 cc engine that generates a maximum of 42 BHP and 37 Nm of torque, but the engine now gets cleaner, and meets BS IV emission norms. The bigger 390 Duke is also heavier by 7 kg. The older one had a dry weight of about 139 kilos. The extra weight comes from the all-new exhaust system that is now exits from the left hand side of the bike.

There has been no change in maximum power, but the torque is now 3 Nm more than the outgoing model. The engine also gets ride-by-wire technology that gives a smoother throttle response. The motorcycle also gets slipper clutch. The motorcycle also comes with anti-evaporation fuel tank increasing the fuel efficiency by 4-5 %.

3 new KTM Dukes launched: 200, ‘250’ & 390

The new KTM 390 Duke also comes with an all-new TFT console. The panel shows all the data in bright colours and high contrast. The panel also allows the user to connect his smartphone and lets the rider to change the music and see the notification straight on the console.

The console also changes colours while doing high-revs. The motorcycle also gets all-new 43mm USD suspensions that can be adjusted.  The motorcycle also gets larger 320mm disc brake at front. The 2017 KTM 390 Duke is priced at Rs. 2,25,730.

2017 KTM 250 Duke

3 new KTM Dukes launched: 200, ‘250’ & 390

This is the all-new motorcycle that enters the Indian market for the first time. The bike looks almost the same as the 390 Duke but with lesser features and a smaller engine. On the styling front, the 250 Duke can be differentiated from the 390 Duke from the colour of alloy wheels and the trellis frame. Both the alloys and the trellis frame are black in colours as against orange in the 390 Duke. KTM describes it as a smaller package of the 390 Duke. There will be two colour options – Orange and White. It will come with black alloy wheels and orange

3 new KTM Dukes launched: 200, ‘250’ & 390

The 250 Duke also comes with regular halogen headlamps, but the housing remains similar to the 390 Duke. The engine is a 250cc, 29 BHP – 24 Nm, single-cylinder unit with BS IV emission norms compliance. The 250 Duke also gets slipper clutch. It is the only motorcycle that gets slipper clutch in the segment. The motorcycle will get LCD console similar to the KTM 200 Duke; there will no TFT offering on the bike. The 2017 KTM 250 Duke is priced at Rs. 1,73,000 ex-showroom, Delhi.

2017 KTM 200 Duke

3 new KTM Dukes launched: 200, ‘250’ & 390

The 2017 KTM 200 Duke will be similar to the current model except for a new sticker job. The new 200 Duke gets orange rims and three colour option – white, orange and black. The engine will be similar to the current one. The 200cc liquid-cooled cylinder engine produces a maximum of 24 BHP of maximum power.

The exhaust position also remains the same, which is underbelly. The only change is the BS IV compliance of the engine. There will be upside down front shock absorbers. There are no variations in the price of the  2017 KTM 200 Duke Rs. 1,43,500, ex-showroom, Delhi.

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