‘3 second rule’: What is it & why drivers and riders must follow it [Video]

The number of cars and two wheeler users in our country has been constantly going up over the years. Roads are now getting more and more crowded and the chances of vehicles getting into accidents is also increasing. Almost every metro city in the country and around the world has traffic jams and in this slow moving traffic situation, people driving or riding behind you will try to occupy the space that you leave vacant. But, when things start to ease up a bit and vehicles start picking up speed it always a better to option to maintain a safe distance from the car that is ahead of you. There is something known as a 3 second rule for drivers and riders. What’s it exactly? Let’s find out by taking a quick look at the video.

The video has been uploaded by Travelers on their youtube channel. The video basically talks about the 3 second rule that drivers should follow while driving on road. According to the video, a driver or a rider should maintain at least 3 second distance from the car ahead of them. This is because in case the vehicle in front of you stops or does emergency braking, it normally takes around 1.5 seconds to notice it and another 1.5 seconds to apply brakes and avoid an accident. If the distance is anything less than 3 seconds, the chances of avoiding the vehicle in front are very less.

This the minimum distance that should be followed by a car on a normal sunny day. If it is raining, then the distance must be increased to 4 seconds and depending up on the vehicle and driving conditions driver should maintain a safe distance. The stopping distance for a heavy duty truck and a car are not the same. If you are driving a heavy commercial vehicle then the minimum distance should be at least 6 seconds.

‘3 second rule’: What is it & why drivers and riders must follow it [Video]

In order to measure the distance driver can set any object on the side of highway as a mark and once the car ahead of you passes that mark you can start counting to three. If your car or vehicle reaches the mark before 3 seconds, then you are too close to the vehicle ahead and should slow down a bit. This trick comes in handy on a highway because usually most of the vehicles are maintaining a constant speed and by maintaining a safe distance the driver can safely brake if anything goes in front of him.