3 time Ford car owner crashes in an EcoSport: Buys same car again & praises build quality

Ford’s recent decision to make electric cars in India has put all the hopes of the brand manufacturing cars in India to rest. There are many loyal customers who miss the presence of Ford in India and there are owners, who still thank the build quality of Ford EcoSport. Sashi Karmwar is the owner of Ford EcoSport EcoBoost. This is the second car from the American brand and after a massive crash in the sub-4m SUV, he shares what happened.

The video by DriveWithSidhant shares the conversation with the owner of the Ford EcoSport. Sashi first shares the story of how he chose the EcoSport after checking several other vehicles including Hyundai Venue and Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

The accident happened in March 2020. The owner says that he suddenly applied the brakes on the highway to avoid an obstacle. The car skidded and overturned on the road. It did multiple rollovers and came to a rest.

A colleague was travelling with Sashi at the time of the accident. While Sashi got a hairline fracture on his collarbone, his colleague came out of the car without a scratch. The pictures of the car indicate the intensity of the crash and how extreme it must have been.

The owner thanked the build quality of the Ford EcoSport and says that soon after the crash, he got a brand-new Ford EcoSport automatic.

It seems like the doors were still functioning after the crash, which allowed the occupants to come out of the vehicle swiftly after the accident.

No G-NCAP ratings for Ford EcoSport

3 time Ford car owner crashes in an EcoSport: Buys same car again & praises build quality

Global NCAP did not test the Indian-spec Ford EcoSport but the international version carries a four-star rating from the NCAP. In the Latin-NCAP in 2013, the EcoSport scored a perfect 5-star rating. The current version of the EcoSport was tested by NHTSA in the USA and the vehicle scored 4-stars out of 5. It should be noted that the USA-spec EcoSport is quite different from India and the safety norms in the country are very advanced and critical.

The Ford EcoSport was considered one of the sturdiest cars in India. While Ford has exited the country and does not operate in India, the American brand still provides after-sales service to the existing customers. Ford was expected to return to India with a number of CBU import models but the brand is yet to make an official statement of the same.

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