3 youngsters drive Mahindra Scorpio sitting on the bonnet & roof: Cops takes action

In modern times when people are doing anything to go viral and trending on the internet, they are deliberately or unknowingly breaking the civil laws and in some instances, even playing with their own lives. One such example happened in Noida, where a few people foolishly did stunts like popping out of windows and sitting on the roof and bonnet of a moving Mahindra Scorpio.

The video of this act of foolishness, which was recorded to gain public attention, has gone viral on social media handles. It is said that the video is recorded in the underpass in Sector-18, Noida. In this video, it is visible that a group of men are showcasing a dismal act of foolishness by sitting on the bonnet and roof of a white-coloured Mahindra Scorpio, while the SUV is being driven.

Responding to this viral video on social media, several netizens have criticized this naïve act of these men and demanded strict action from the end of police in the form of fines or arrests. Some people even commented that the bigger cars should get bigger fines.

3 youngsters drive Mahindra Scorpio sitting on the bonnet & roof: Cops takes action

The video eventually caught the attention of Noida Traffic Police, which has confirmed that suitable action will be taken against the men visible in the video and the owner of the Scorpio. Further investigation revealed that the Scorpio visible in the video is already holding three fines, which are yet to be paid by its owner.

Not the first such incident

This act of sitting on the bonnet of a moving vehicle is not a new incident, as something like this also happened in Mumbai in the past. In that incident, a man was driving the car while one of his friends was sitting on the bonnet of that car. Mumbai Police were quick enough to take suitable action, and both the car owner and his friend who performed this stunt were booked under IPC sections 279 and 336.

Sitting on the outer panels like the roof, boot or bonnet while the car is in motion is not only illegal but also dangerous to the lives of people performing this stunt and other motorists around that vehicle. In such incidents, people can fall off the moving car, thus resulting in serious accidents and injuries. Such acts should be condemned and strictly punished to keep the law and order on roads intact.

Challans based on digital evidence

Such incidents becoming viral means that more people get inspired to do such stunts on the public roads. One should always ensure that such stunts should always be done with utmost care and expert help. While we see such things online and on television, they are done with highly trained professionals who use safety harnesses, in case anything goes wrong. Without these safety nets, one can get seriously injured.

The police have started sending challans online so they do not need any physical presence at the time of the incident. A small clip of the violation or even CCTV footage is enough evidence for the cops to book you.