How to own a 300 BHP car for Rs 10 lakh?

Even though the Indian automobile market has become one of the biggest markets in the world, there are not enough choices for enthusiasts at affordable prices. Even though there are quite a few choices like the Abarth Punto, none of these cars is now available. Does that mean you cannot own a fun-to-drive car at an affordable price?

Well, there are quite a few options including looking for used cars in the market. Well, this enthusiast has done the same. He has bought an old car and has invested more money to make it a powerful 300 horsepower sleeper car.

The video by Thrive2Drive, who buy old beat-up cars and tune them to make them like new. The video is about the Skoda Octavia RS and how you can use it to make a 300 HP sleeper. The video shows the 2013 Skoda Octavia vRS. This was bought new back in 2013 but there are many models in the used car market that you can get for around Rs 3 lakh.

How to build a sportscar killer for around Rs 10 lakh?

How to own a 300 BHP car for Rs 10 lakh?

The price a used Skoda Octavia or Laura RS for a price between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 5 lakh depending on the condition and location. The first change in the vehicle is the wheels. These are used MOMO Revenge rims and Michelin tyres that are available for around Rs 60,000. The next thing that he changed in this vehicle is the suspension. Rather than going for air suspension and other types, he chose the KW Sportline suspension, which cost him Rs 60,000 for the used ones.

To increase the power, a bigger turbocharger was installed in the vehicle. It is a K04 turbocharger that costs around Rs 2.4 lakh. It is the same turbocharger that is also available with the Audi S3 of the same era that makes a similar kind of power. This is one of the first cars in North India to get the setup.

To use the bigger turbocharger efficiently, new intake pipes of 3-inch from REVO and charge pipes from Slpulen were installed. It costs around Rs 35,000 more. To keep the turbocharger cool during its runs, there is an Integrated Engineering intercooler in this car. It costs around Rs 80,000 for a new The new intercooler is much wider than the stock one that keeps the turbo cool.

Now coming to the exhaust system, he chose the REVO downpipe and added the resonated Magnaflow mid-pipe and a Borla spitfire muffler. All of these cost around Rs 90,000. The clutch system is also new. It is a Spec clutch Stage-3 and costs Rs 70,000.

To increase the braking power and reduce the stopping distance, new EBC brake pads and slotted rotors have been installed in this vehicle. These cost Rs 50,000. There is a blow-off valve made up of Aluminum and it costs Rs 15,000. This is a used part. Now the most important part – the remap. This is a REVO remap that offers linear power delivery, which can cost around Rs 40,000.

So in all, these parts are available for around Rs 10 lakh.

But is that it?

Tuned vehicles require high-performance consumables like fully synthetic oil, air filter and other parts so you need to spend on that. Also, tuned vehicles require service much often and the replacement parts like the clutch can be much more expensive than the stock vehicle. So you do need extra budget to maintain a tuned vehicle compared to standard stock version.