300 car procession for gangster coming back from jail

An eminent gangster from Pimpri Chinchwad – Gajanan Marne was released from Mumbai’s Taloja jail today. After the court acquitted him in the murder case, numerous supporters in about 300 cars reached the jail. As soon as the information of Gajanan Marne getting out of jail spread among his supporters, they rushed to the jail’s entrance. The supporters showered flowers on him as soon as he came out of the gate.

Soon numerous videoes were uploaded by the supporters on the social media platforms showing the massive procession of cars on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. The procession of cars was driving at high speed blocking all the lanes and as per a report in Punekar News, they did not even stop at the toll booths to pay the tolls.

After Gajanan Marne came out of the jail, he embarked on a bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser. He even came out of the sunroof of the vehicle to thank his supporters and wave at them. The supporters showered flowers on him and even raised slogans in his support. The authorities have accused Gajanan of not stopping at any of the toll booths for paying the toll.

Case refiled by the police

300 car procession for gangster coming back from jail

Commissioner of Police, Pimpri Chinchwad says that they gave evidence that the procession was held without any permission. The cops and authorities also say that supporters used drone cameras, which require prior permission too. After the procession, the police have filed a case against Gajanan Marne and his 300 supporters. The supporters are unidentified but the cops are checking video-based evidence to identify people who were involved in the procession.

The police have registered cases under sections 188, 143, 273 and 135 of Indian Penal Code. The cops are yet to take any action but we can expect something happening over the next few weeks.

Various videos uploaded by the supporters show people coming out of the windows and sunroof while driving in the procession. Even the car SUV in which Marne travelled had bodyguards who were hanging outside the vehicle. All this falls under dangerous driving and even the traffic police can issue challans for the same. Not paying tolls is also an illegal act and anyone doing so can attract huge fines.

Gajanan Marne

Gajanan Marne was imprisoned for three years. He was accused of killing Aman Baade and Pappu Gavade, who used to live in Pimpri-Chinchwad. Both these people were criminals as well. They were reportedly working against the Marne gang. After the murder, a gang war-like situation arose in Pimpri Chinchwad city. The cops arrested him three years ago and Marne spent three years in jail.